Media Center Surveys closed yesterday

The Surveys for our Media Center State of the Art Comparison Chart compilation ended yesterday (sept. 2nd 2008). We are now concentrating in compiling results within a quick comparison chart, solving and researching the web and each project documentation for controversial answers which are appearing.

By mid/end of this month we expect to publish a first version, under a Creative Commons License. Anyone will be free to download the final paper, the survey raw data (of course without participant's names, emails and any other information that may compromise their privacy) and our most important research links. Anyone then will be able to extend, complement, correct or publish a derivative study, under the same license terms.

FLOSS Survey will close September 2nd

Our FLOSS Media Center State of the Art Survey was very well accepted within almost all communities, the most active being XBMC and Freevo.

We are getting good and high quality responses and work already started to cross-check all information and build a very practical comparison table, reference notes and useful information on each project.

As we'll have our offices closed from August 9 to September 1st, we decided to close the Survey on September 2nd, and then work on final adjustments and clarifications to be able to publish everything by mid-september. So there's enough time for people in less active MC Projects to participate and make them justice.

FLOSS Media Center comparison chart


FLOSS Media Centers - Collecting Data

What is the State of the Art in current FLOSS Media Center projects?

To answer this question, we picked the 10 most prominent MC FLOSS projects and we're now asking for your help to collect as much information as possible about their functionality and support.

The 10 selected projects were: XBMC, MythTV, Boxee, Elisa, Neuros OSD, Freevo, My Media System, Entertainer, CenterStage+Plex and MediaPortal.

Because of our limited resources, we can't afford creating a Lab to run and test all 10 media centers. So we are relying on the community collective intelligence to gather all data necessary to provide a broad view on state of the art work in FLOSS Media Center projects.

There is one webform available for each project. The forms are very easy to compile and we invite Project Leaders, Developers and Power Users to actively participate, to provide the most accurate information we need.

You can find more information and links to the web forms in this page.