Health 2.0

Health 2.0 State of Change: Pioneers, Progress, and a 2013 Forecast

The pace of innovation and change is increasing. This event will cram an intense year for healthcare innovation into an action-packed few hours of panels and product releases: Two Health 2.0 market intelligence products, the Market Monitor and the soon-to-be-released State of Health 2.0 report, will set the context as they capture business model innovation, highlight the rapid rise of the Health 2.0 companies that you will want to know about in 2013, and more. Next, hot new products will be released in a mini version of our famed Launch! session. 

Two panels will highlight what innovation in Care delivery and Big Data and transparency is breaking new ground. All of these will contain our famous rapid fire demo format. And we will conclude with a session on becoming a magnet for the Developer community, which is becoming increasingly important as users demand applications that run over multiple "unplatforms".

Session Objectives

  • Learn about the major trends in product innovation across multiple application platforms
  • See more than 10 new rapid fire product demos
  • Understand how to work with and develop an eco system of developers

Registration Fees

Registration Fee:     $250.00 in addition to the required mHealth Summit registration. Fee includes: Coffee break.
* Registration to Health 2.0 State of Change is available in conjunction with registration to the mHealth Summit only.


Sunday, December 2:    1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Potomac Ballroom 1-2
The Healthcare Innovation Landscape: What you missed in 2012 and will want to know about 2013 
Moderator: Marco Smit - Health 2.0
Demo: Polina Hanin - StartUp Health
Care Delivery Transformed by Technology
Moderator: Jean-Luc Neptune - Health 2.0
Demos:   Jonathon Feit - Beyond Lucid Technologies
  Christian Witt - Beyond Lucid Technologies
  Jeff Fallon - GetWell Network
  Gautam Gulati - Physicians Interactive
  Drew Palin - Preventice
  Belinda Hayes - Imprivata
  Todd Johnson - Healthloop
  Neil Agate - Kinergy Health
Moderator: Matthew Holt - Health 2.0
Demo: Michael Segal - wHealthy Solutions
  Peter Verrillo - enHatch
  Sandeep Pulim - Health Recovery Solution
  Jenn Pleimann - Vidapost
The New Transparency: Tools for Financial & Clinical Decisions
Moderator: Matthew Holt - Health 2.0
Demos: Vineet Gulati - Health Expense
  AJ Loiacono - Truveris
  Russell Olsen - Phytel
  Rebecca Chiu - Medhelp
Becoming a Magnet for Developers: The New Health Care Platforms  
Moderator: Jean-Luc Neptune - Health 2.0
  Marco Smit - Health 2.0
Demos: Aamer Ghaffar - mHealthCoach
  Bettina Experton – Humetrix
  Christopoher Burrow - Humetrix
  Robert Pakter - Pill Jogger 
  Ryan McQuaid – AT&T
  Ed Siemens - Qualcomm
  Jesse Givens - Aetna
  Martha Wofford - Aetna