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Mr. October: Andre Gower

Andre Gower is alll grownded up now! The hunky star of the eighties comedy/horror The Monster Squad is our sexy new Stud as he celebrates the 20th anniversary and DVD release of his film. Andre not only played 'Sean Crenshaw' in Monster Sqaud; his career also spanned the awesomely awesome list of sitcoms and hour-long dramas including Mr. Belvedere, Valerie's Family, Remington Steele, Knight Rider, St. Elsewhere, My Two Dads, and most importantly, Circus of the Stars. More recently he was in Walter Stewart's Sweet Deadly Dreams and runs his own film production company called 'Cinema South'.

He graced the covers of magazines like Tiger Beat and made us giggle like girl-idiots, but he's a man now. Sweetly sexy Andre Gower will always go down in horror history as being one of the hottest 11-year-old boys to grace the screen alongside monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein. [I hope that what I just said wasn't illegal or related to pedophilia in any way]. Enjoy Andre's interview with Pretty/Scary...What's it like to go on a date with Andre Gower?I don't know, I've never been on a date with Andre Gower! But I hear it's ok.

Hunky pic #1
Is it cool being the most famous person to have come out of Monster Squad?

Yes! But I would say we've all done pretty well for ourselves.

Hunky pic #2
What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for a woman?

'607'. She disagrees, but I like it!

"So, you gotta problem with sexiness?"

Who would you rather get in a fight with? Sean Astin or Wil Wheaton?Granted, Wil helped save various life forms across the galaxy and Sean helped save middle earth, but I think I could take 'em both. If not, I'd just get Fat Kid to kick em in the nards.

Andre in his Monster Squad days

Were you on the cover of Teen Beat or Tiger Beat? Which magazine had the better articles?I was on both covers. I only read them to look for my pictures.

Andre on a date with Drew Barrymore in the most awesome picture ever taken, ever.

What are your turn-offs?

Hypocrisy! And not understanding my sense of humor.

What are your turn-ons?Intelligence! And understanding my sense of humor.

Andre in an episode of The Twilight Zone from 1985 with Piper Laurie called The Burning Man

"Valerie" was a better show after Valerie Harper left, wasn't it? We can be honest here.I'll defer to the fans on that one'”they're pretty loyal. But the real question is, The Hogan Family became a better show after I joined, didn't it?

Here's Andre at the Kentucky Derby looking and sleek and sexy with some broad
If Mr. Belvedere was such a jerk all the time, why did the Owenses keep him around? And why the hell did they need a butler, anyway?I think Mr. Belvedere had many life lessons to teach, but it could only be done with a dry British wit. I'm not sure why they needed himI guess because all the other 1980's households were doing it. If I recall correctly, virtually every 1980's household in that area had one live-in, non-family member with some sass.

As loyal to his fans as they are to him, here's Andre signing away at autographs like a madman at a convention

Dracula Vs. Frankenstein in Monster Sqaud: who would win?Dracula. He's a bit more mobile. I bet he's a pretty good dancer, too.Visit Andre at his official site:



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