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DreamHost is now part of the Endurance International Group!

When we started DreamHost in 1997 we had two goals in mind.

1. Get chicks.

Hot chicks!

2. Get rich.

So rich!

Most of us have taken care of number one.

Number two has proven to be slightly more elusive.

It’s been a little harder to push out, you might say.

For the past decade or so a little-known entity called the Endurance International Group, Inc. has been quietly buying up web hosts worldwide and building a portfolio of hosting brands.

Indeed, we’ve seen many of our competitors get gobbled up by “EIG” over the years. The acquired companies usually retain their branding and avoid making any mention of EIG on their websites.

So exactly what does EIG own? As far as we could tell (from this list and in chats with various sales teams), 37 web host brands. Maybe more.

Collectively they represent an enormous customer base and may even make EIG the largest “hosting company” in the world.

Easy CGI

Some you’ve never heard of. Some you definitely have. Some were large. Some were tiny. It makes no difference to the insatiable maw of the Endurance International Group! They’re like a scrap metal magnet for web hosts! (Or wrecking ball, depending on who you ask…)

Turns out the real things are trademarked.

And while EIG and others have certainly approached us regarding a buyout in the past, the money has never really been good enough for us to pull the trigger.

Until now.

I’m happy to report that our key stakeholders flew out to Massachusetts last night, signed the paperwork, and it is DONE! DreamHost is now officially owned and soon-to-be operated by EIG.

They bought us for 10 times our annual revenue.
Two of our four founders will also serve on the EIG board.
Many of our employees were made into millionaires overnight.

DreamHost is the latest web host in a long line of hosts to join the EIG family.

We couldn’t be more thrilled!


DreamHost customers can expect some emails from EIG shortly that will lay out the transition process and explain how they intend to migrate our customer data over to their own unified hosting system.

This is all happening just in time, too. Do you have any idea how sick we are of doing all this? The hardware failures, the endless stream of incoming tech support, writing these insufferable blog posts…UGH.

Our web panel will unfortunately not be making the journey to EIG, so I hope you guys like cPanel!

I was sad to see it go too, but I’m staring at FIVE POINT THREE MILLION DOLLARS in my bank account right now.

Five. Point. Three. Million.

I keep refreshing my online banking just to make sure it’s still there.

Yep, still there.

So shit, cPanel for everybody!

Yeah, I said shit. What’re they going to do – fire me? Well they can’t fire me because I QUIT. I’m buying a yacht and moving to Laguna Beach.

So shit.

Shitty shit.

Also, balls.

As a DreamHost old timer I’d like to thank you for sticking with us up to this point, but I have five point three million reasons not to care what you do with your hosting anymore. HASTA LA VISTA!

We’ll be updating this post tomorrow with some additional details for DreamHost – I mean EIG – customers that should help to ensure the transition goes as seamlessly as possible.

Update 4/2: April Fool’s. :)

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154 Responses to “DreamHost is now part of the Endurance International Group!”
  1. Mr fool Says:

    April fools…..

  2. Patrick Rennie Says:

    Spend first half wondering why you were talking about EIG, spent the next quarter panicking, and finished the article while feeling like a fool.

    Good job!

  3. Curt Says:

    You guys had me nervous for a moment. Then I looked at the calendar.

  4. Danieru Says:

    You know while this is an april fools I don’t think it would be that bad if it were the real. You guys should totally sell and setup a new company. Its not like your hardware lasts more than a few years. Plus you could leave this EIG company with all your whiny customers.

    Just think how fun it would be to be back in the startup phase. Long hours and anticipation over future success.

  5. Icelander Says:

    I won’t believe anything I read on the Internet until tomorrow.

  6. Nick Says:

    The first part of this email is sad because it’s true I think. I’ve had to use ReadyHosting in the past and it isn’t funny.

    This post is funny. I lolled.

  7. David Says:

    Kuddos to you, you’re the only one April’s Fool that almost got me. I feel for it until you said you quit. You gotta be careful though you almost lost a customer. ;-)

  8. Flitzy Says:

    Oh… you guys.

    *shakes fist*

    I’m going in to SHAKES because of your cPanel threat!




  9. tueac Says:

    Wat about the F word?

  10. James Says:

    I just about had a fucking heart attack at “cPanel for everybody!”, good job.

  11. Some Random Guy Says:

    I assume this is an April Fools joke, but if it isn’t, I won’t be renewing my account next month. I hate cPanel, and Dreamhost is light years better than most of the companies in that list.

    BlueHost? Really? You want to even joke about being lumped in with them?

  12. Simon Jessey Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ, Brett. My ticker can’t handle shit like this. I’m an old man, for goodness sake.

  13. Sebastian Barria Says:

    You almost made me shit on my pants!…
    Thanks a lot we won’t have cPanel…
    Good joke anyway

  14. Robert Says:

    I damn near had a heart attack!

  15. John Says:

    hahahahaha, you guys are awesome.

  16. Theo Says:

    Best April Fools thus far (in the opinion of an IT nerd)!

  17. Ben Says:

    I want to open an account at Dreamhost Federal Credit Union.

    I’m guessing that the tellers have a great sense of humor, and the online banking system is amazing. However, you’ve got to watch out for the management accidentally cleaning out your account with a typo.

  18. Peter Suvestant Says:

    Hahah I nearly crapped my pants!

  19. Cheryl Says:

    You guys had me SERIOUSLY worried there for a moment — don’t scare me like that! You’re perfect just the way you are.

  20. Jocey Says:

    Go to hell! YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!!! :-)

  21. KAGA Says:

    NOT FUNNY! – This just plain – SUCKS THE BIG ONE!

    I just completed moving all my clients to DREAMHOST VPS now I have to start hunting for another hosting company – SUCKS!!!!!!!

  22. Brettski Says:

    All I kept thinkoing is that I am glad I didn’t renew for a multi-year term (I havn’t had the mone) Everything happens for a reason right? Well up to tje point where you have been had.

  23. J. Says:

    Maru will cut a bitch if there’s cpanel:

  24. Hartzell Tech Says:

    I am guessing since it is late in the day that is not an April Fools joke, but I really hope it is as I did sign up for a Multi-year hosting agreement.
    Needless to say, I moves from a C-Panel host that I hated and one that EIG owns. I really do not want move backwards so I guess I will look for a PLESK host. I might even give up the years of hosting that I have not used to date.
    Sorry EIG but I do not have faith in your ability to supply quality hosting and conduct a clean and worry-free transition.

  25. Fred Chu Says:

    should we recive gift from this “Acquisitions”?

  26. Christoph Dollis Says:

    I don’t want cPanel.

    This is bad, DreamHost. You got money, sure, but you sold out your soul to do it. You sold out US!!!!!

    Can’t you at least license your panel technology?


  27. Mike Says:

    Hey Brett, dont mean to be a bother but I have been a long time customer of dreamhost and just got royally skrewed and I really need to talk to someone to get this sorted ASAP. If you can put me in touch with someone who can get this sorted, I would be very appreciative :) thanks, Mike

  28. Matthew Says:

    That is it, I quit! I am moving my site !!!111.

    I don’t have to put up with this sh*t (see I can’t even say it!!!).

    Can I have a free DH yacht?

  29. Anonymous Coward Says:

    An April fools joke or time to finally spin up my own Amazon WWW server…

  30. Andrew Says:

    It’s a joke, people. I didn’t realize it until I saw the bank account screenshots. Why would would there be a *Dreamhost* Federal Credit Union?!?

    Thanks for the laugh, Brent.

  31. NAM公告牌 Says:

    Lol~ Looks like many guys bought this April Fools joke…

  32. Jad Says:

    Bastards! I’m an easy target, so I guess that’s why I’ve been with DreamHost almost as long as you have (1998).

    My favorite was when the datacenter in the old First Interstate building lost power for… was it two days?

    Didn’t leave then, not leaving anytime soon. Even though Rackspace Hosted Exchange is the BOMB!

    Best wishes/jad

    ps it used to be fun when I could bitch at Josh via email when shit was going wrong in the early days…

  33. Ricardo Says:

    It isn’t funny… Cpanel! wtf!… You can kill people doing that, we can have a heart attack. So please don’t sell Dreamhost. Happy April Fools’ Day. Best wishes.

  34. Brian Says:

    You son of a bitch… you don’t joke about something as shitty as CPanel.

  35. Frank Says:

    You got me there

  36. 92101 Storage Facilities Says:

    LOL. Well, I really really thought that DreamHost got devoured by EIG. As you mentioned, if they gave 5.3 Million Dollars , why would you care?! Just give them what they want. Its 5.3 Millions Dollars. So just to appease my mind, if this is just an April fool trick or not, I cheated and went over to comments.

  37. Steve Rugg Says:

    No wonder you guys never get any work done. DAHHHH!
    I guess this means I have to keep sending you money!!!!!

  38. g Says:

    holy crap you scared me.

    so glad we still get to be in business together.

  39. g Says:

    seriously, i was starting to get shortness of breath when i thought about losing the dreamhost panel.

    you guys are awesome.

  40. Adam Silverman Says:

    Wow – yeah – when I saw cPanel in there I just about flipped my lid. Thanks for scaring the crap out of me, and thanks for in advance for never using that horrific system :)

  41. Adam H Says:

    Scared the crap out of me! Please don’t change anything! I brag about my host to everyone that will listen. You guys are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise overly off-shored tech supported IT world!

    Keep up the good work and these great jokes.

    A happy Dreamhost customer :)

  42. altrugon Says:

    Oh my god, I was already preparing a sue against you guys for changing to cPanel.

    Demmet, fool’s joke only on April 1st not 5th :$

    You totally got me :D

  43. Amitay D Says:

    p@wn3d… completely.
    Having this delivered on the newsletter completely caught me off guard. You don’t appriciate something until you think you’ve lost it.
    Well done, sirs. well done.
    Please no more surprises like this (at least not for a year :) )

  44. aoey Says:

    You got me there. I was pretty shocked to read the beginning part of the newsletter. I thought… even you give in to those filthy companies.

    Very funny. :D

  45. Ariana Says:

    I fell for it… actually I’m still nervous. Do you know how much I can’t stand cPanel???? I LOVE The Dreamhost Web Panel. PLEASE DONT EVERY CHANGE I LOVE YOU!

  46. Ariel Says:

    It will be a monopoly now? Shit, monopoly prices and service, shit, shit shit

  47. ant Says:

    Hahaha… you so got me. I saw the excerpt in the newsletter today (April 4th) and so April Fools was completely not on my radar. I read the bit about switching to cPanel and I was already drafting a flame in my head. Then i got to the “April Fools” and sighed with much relief.

    But seriously… if you ever are aquired, please, for the love of all that is h0ly – do not retire the admin panel in favor of cPanel, Plesk or the like.

  48. Andrew Says:

    My heart DROPPED when I read the word “cPanel”

  49. Joan Says:

    So this is a joke. Whew! Cpanel isn’t that bad, but all the same, I’m glad this was a joke. (It IS a joke???)

  50. topher Says:

    Please do not EVER talk/joke/think about moving to cPanel ever again!! This is the worst joke ever! Not even funny.

  51. cdberkman Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, that was friggin Balls Funny. But only funny once I regained Consciousness and after cursing a lot, and after chain smoking and drinking excessive amounts of beer wondering what I was going to do.(Clean up in isle 1). This one had the same affect as Phillip Morris commercial saying that they were going to stop selling cigarettes.

  52. Chuz Says:

    cPanel almost did me in.

  53. Tony Soprano Says:

    Love it.

  54. DanB Says:

    Hah. Good one!

    I got this in the DH newsletter today and was about to start ripping up my domains and backing up my files. :)

  55. DAN K Says:

    Why do you do this to us dreamhost?

    I’m a customer since 2004. I like current D.H better.

    Since they paid you lots of money, they will try to get money from us. It’s sad to see Dreamhost Panel go away.

    I wish I was rich so that I can buy the dreamhost.

  56. farmerted Says:

    i fall for this stuff every year… i know it’s coming… prepare for it… get sucked in nonetheless.

  57. Chris Traganos Says:

    Wow, this was amazing – I seriously almost had a heart attack about the cPanel change. Very well done!

  58. Corinne Says:

    It’s no longer April Fools. This is not fair.

  59. Corinne Says:

    But it is funny.

  60. Bryan B Says:

    Almost started moving sites to another host after reading the first part of the Dreamhost Newsletter. Should have at least made the April Fool’s announcement bold.

  61. Chris Says:


  62. Clynton Says:

    Just read this story in the newsletter. To say I was bummed is an understatement. Guess I’m the fool to forget you jackasses enjoy your jackassery to the extreme.

  63. Gary Says:

    Ditto just about every comment here.

    I must admit I very nearly soiled myself there. Especially at the mention of cPanel and “a more cost-effective offshore support system”. Still, re-reading it after realizing you guys had sent me an April fools *five days late*, it was rather amusing.

    Hope you had fun…bastards :P

  64. Scott Kindred Says:

    What Gary just said, ‘cept triple-astro-ray thumbs-up on his last line.

  65. iman Says:

    I hateeeeeee youuuuuu =)))))))))))))) looooooolllll

  66. jukebox1 Says:

    I was already looking for another hosting company !!!

  67. max Says:

    you crazy… here the fool’s day is in december!
    I need a doctor

  68. braindance Says:

    Come on guys, as I read, I had the shivers running up my spine and your email was more of a tear jerker than fckn’ Titanic!

    Don’t ever do that again.


  69. Amar Says:

    Received the newsletter and read this news. Scary stuff, and I almost believed it as my guard was down (as it’s long past the 1st).

    Please, please DO NOT do this again. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a decent hosting provider?

    Anyway, now I can laugh.


  70. Unifex Says:


    You had me going there for a bit. :) Seriously? CPanel?

    Hell, they should be offering to buy you out just to get their hands on the DH admin interface. :)

    Just as an aside, if you did ever have to switch to CPanel I would be leaving faster than you can say Shit! :)

    Nice one. :)


  71. Diet Fads Says:

    Funny one. You know what isn’t funny? Hosting downtime.

  72. Ellie Harrison Says:

    OMG, you scared the living daylights out of me. For a minute there, I did think all you Americans were just evil money-grabbers. Faith is now restored. Hah!


  73. Joe Greenman Says:

    I will double whatever EIG has offered. Just take it out of Josh’s next paycheck, and I’ll pay him next time I see him.

  74. Frank Says:

    I read it on 6 April not 1 April and until half way through thought you were serious and started to think about how to transfer my accounts elsewhere. You should not make jokes like this, I am convivinced some skim-reading customers will not see that it is a joke and will leave you – be careful guys, and keep up the great work.

  75. Unknown Says:

    you gave me a morning heart attack! cPanel? I started searching for other hosts, don’t u ever do that again!

  76. Eddie VanArsdall Says:

    So cruel, but so clever.

    Panic over.


  77. Taxi Software Says:

    Sounds so plausible as well. Cookie cutter web hosting is they way to go!

  78. Fred Says:

    BAD DOG!
    Don’t do that again.

  79. Lisa Capehart Says:

    Wow, freaked for a minute, there!

  80. Mitchell Gary Says:

    I have to change my underwear.

  81. Arturo Hoffstadt Says:

    I think the part where I got scared was the mention to cpanel, in the monthly newsletter… and the support moving offshores…
    Good work with the aprils fools. :D

  82. Ben Says:

    I didn’t read this till today, not on April 1st. This is no joking matter. Don’t EVER joke about this again, EVER.

  83. FS6 Says:

    hahaha after cPanel part i got what is about:(:P

  84. jblosun Says:

    Ugh. Got me with the newsletter. So cruel.

  85. Isabelle Says:

    I just joined Dream Host and am now wondering if this was a good idea or not. I like to think I have a sense of humor, but I’m concerned now what to believe and what not to. Some things you should NOT kid about.

  86. Gwyneth Llewelyn Says:

    I did panic when I read the newsletter… oh my. cPanel? Oh my oh my oh my…

    The only thing that I was relieved about is that you were allowed to keep your sense of humour. I could live with cPanel. Well. Not really. You know… But I couldn’t live without your humorous newsletters!

    Whew. At least it was just an innocent April Fools’ joke :)

  87. Kris Ludington Says:

    Not funny. Fortunately I knew no one in his or her right mind could possible think of replacing this work of art with cPanel, otherwise I might have cancelled so fast that I missed it.

  88. Mable Says:

    Worst. Joke. Ever.

    I was seriously a moment away from cancelling my account. I saw this in the newsletter and didn’t even see the “April Fool’s joke” note. I was too blinded by shock and horror!

    Heart rate has subsided. But like a scorned cat, I’m still looking at you suspiciously and we’re not entirely friends again.


    *throws arms around DH* Please don’t ever give up the independently awesome dream!

  89. Francisco Says:

    I was already calling NetworkSolutions!
    (personally, I couldn’t live with 5.3 millions …. I thought you sold yourself cheap)

  90. Linda Says:

    I hate cPanel. Thank goodness it was April Fools. Alas I fell for it and almost had a heart attack.

  91. Baja Real Estate Says:

    I was totally owned! Thank god!!!

  92. Michael Says:

    Pooed myself for a second there—well played DH!

    Don’t ever leave us…. cause we’ll find you! [creepy laugh]

  93. Juanita Says:

    I had started looking for new hosting services at the mention of c panel :P.

  94. Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    As a person who switched from ReadyHosting (blazing them with examples of Dreamhost’s betterness) I nearly took the roof off my office with the cussin’. Don’t do that again, I’ve got a heart condition (well not yet, but keep doing this and I will).

  95. Jake Gonzales Says:


    I haven’t falled for an April Fool’s in a long time. And you guys got me good!

    As an independent consultant to nonprofits and small businesses, I ALWAYS recommend (read: insist on threat of canceling a contract) my clients choose Dreamhost for its superior support and easy-to-use control panel.

    After spending hours on the phone with Intuit support based somewhere I’ve decided is definitely not middle America, I was heartbroken about the support being off-shored, and threw up thinking about the stress that is managing a site in cPanel.

    You got me good boys. Now don’t ever do that again. Please. I beg of you.

    Your Diva Aunt Jake

  96. Niall Says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who fell for it.
    I was seriously thinking whether I should start looking for another host!
    Still, I suppose it’s one way of getting more of us to read the blog! ;)

    Well played!

  97. Pandrake Says:

    Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa… got me.

    Of course you realize this means war!


  98. Synnamin Says:

    Like everyone else, I was well and truly suckered. 5 days late and I thought I’d avoided all the April Fools crap. After I read about offshoring your support, I was about to rip up my accounts, and I don’t EVER want to do that again!

    Don’t ever change, Dreamhost. Don’t ever change (scary newsletters and all)

  99. Pritpaul Says:

    You should move 5 million of that 5.3 million into your money market account where you presumably make some interest instead of leaving it in checking. :)

  100. chris adams Says:

    I was scared out of my pants at first. The control panel is killer and about 90% of the reason why you guys rock, and of course differentiate you from the competition.

    Keep on rocking

  101. Paul Says:

    I agree with commenter #100, chris adams, your control panel is one of the biggest reasons I like Dreamhost. If you ever did go to cPanel, I’d be a huge letdown.

    Financially you guys should be doing alright. I signed up on New Years Eve 2008 when you had that massive deal going for two years of hosting for $12, or so. I imagine a large percentage of those people, like myself, stayed on, so this past January must have seen one hell of a boost to Dreamhost’s bottom line.

  102. Lupe Says:

    Haha, too funny and I was totally believing it! lol

  103. Socialrific Says:

    And here I thought I might get cPanel…NOT!

    Thank goodness…I love the dreamhost panel!

  104. The J Says:

    f**k u.
    i almost shat myself ahahahahahahah <3
    (you better not get any ideas…)

  105. Rachel Nabors Says:

    Don’t do that to me, you guys! I almost called my boss in to put a hold on amping up our Dreamhost usage! My heart nearly stopped, eek!

    Don’t even suggest such things >.< I <3 Dreamhost just the way it is!

  106. Robert Says:

    You blokes watched Social network one too many times. :) Yeah, you got me <- april fool

  107. Richard Vallée Says:

    Maaaaaaan! I was so bummed out about this CPanel crap. Lucky thing I received it late enough that the April fools notice was there.

    Your administration interface is a major reason to stick around. Not perfect, but so much more efficient and friendly than anything out there

  108. Sergio Rojas Says:

    I had today a really bad day and you know, you really make me feel worry about, and then i smile for the first time since 9am.

    Fuckn’ DH Jakaaas! ..

    Good times, good times with DH.

  109. Sandry Logan Says:

    I was pretty worried about the off shore support plan and I was mortified by CPanel. You got me too. Funny post :c)

  110. evL Says:

    I really hope this is a joke.
    I fell in love with DreamHost
    ten years ago, and want to be
    with DreamHost and no other.
    I’d be torn to pieces over
    something like this. Everything
    seems to be falling apart as
    of late. I hope this isn’t one
    more thing to fall apart.



    You SOB’s!!! You got me good!! haha, this is why I love you guys.

  112. Richard Steven Hack Says:

    I don’t make a lot of changes to my site (although I should) so cPanel didn’t scare me as much as the idea of offshoring the support (even though I don’t call support hardly at all).

    Just read the newsletter and almost had a heart attack. I’m 62 years old and overweight, you SOBs! Anyone dies from this, it’s on your head! :-)

  113. Martin Z. Says:

    You totally got me with the newsletter, but in the blog post your hate / bad opinion of EIG becomes a little too obvious.

  114. Justin Says:

    The more I read the blog, the more upset I was getting – thank goodness it was april fools – totally got me – good one

  115. Steve Says:

    heh, he said balls…

  116. Joe Says:

    Geez… I was one click away from finding a new host… Very funny!

  117. Michael LaRocca Says:

    Okay, this is obviously April Fool’s, and brilliant. But I got here from your newsletter, which scared the shitty shit out of me.

  118. Sharon Says:

    I’ve been zinged! And reading this in the newsletter, 5 days after April 1st totally is what freaked me out.

  119. Robert Becker Says:

    Not funny

  120. Someone you don't care about Says:

    Not funny. I’m too dumb to get the jokes.

    What’s a cPanel?

  121. Joe wiecha Says:

    Whoa. That was very scary. Not funny! Well, now it is…a little.

  122. manuki Says:

    whoa i thought this was true, b/c i also got the email on april 6… i thought OH NO, dreamhost will become a shitty host!! nooo, how will i move my domains, sites, wordpresses, emails and all somewhere else.. and worse.. to WHERE?

    thank you DH, for keeping integrity.. great photoshop skillz for your account dollaz$$$$

  123. Wes Says:

    I didn’t see this until I got the newsletter today so I didn’t even have the safety of “Oh hey, it’s April 1 so this may be false”

    I nearly fell out of my chair when I got to the part about switching to the ‘award winning cpanel’.

    Good job guys, keep up the good work.

  124. Zeke Says:

    Oh the pain and fear of reading this on 4/6. I was sitting here sad but okay until I read the word “cPanel.” That’s when I shit myself.

    Most effective April Fools’ of the year, that.

  125. Matt Says:

    Not funny. If you guys switch to cpanel, I’m looking somewhere else for hosting.

  126. Tony Says:

    My god it’s not even April fools anymore and you got me way good!!! I had netfirms and hated them. I was already looking for a new host when I saw this. Good one!!!

  127. Sam Says:

    Not funny when you’re reading this on April 6…

  128. TheFever Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassh0l3! HEHEHEHEHEHEE You got me.
    The worst is that I couldn’r read it all this morning and I spent the whole day wondering how am I going to transfer all this sh1t to …well where?

    First in 10 years, good job!


  129. Omar Khan Says:

    I like the DH Control Panel and I don’t like Cpanel, its worst than Plesk which is a whole new world of confusion.

  130. Steven Says:

    completely not funny when i am reading it a week from 1 april. i am freaking out, and then realise how awesome DH have been and how shitty it is gg to be! please, don’t ever get yourself acquired to some shit hole.

  131. Dave Says:

    ditto Steven. I almost went to bed heavy with dread.

    To be more specific: some shit hole that doesn’t allow ssh and rsync unix groups and, and, and …

  132. JimD Says:

    Glad I’m not alone with the cPanel thing, like others I read this long after April 1st and was not impressed, was thinking where I would move everything to.
    Mind you the 5.3m had me thinking, “well can’t blame you guys”

  133. asep Says:


    i’ve almost believe this shit until i see the update below. i can’t imagine how it could be if i got cpanel.

  134. Solid Line Design Says:

    DREAMHOST… Damn, great April fools, now that my heartbeat is returning to normal, and my worries of how I would ever find a better hosting provider… I love you guys. Thanks for being badass, blessings to you all.

  135. Rana Says:

    Whew, so glad this is a joke! I’m not a web pro so cPanel didn’t bother me until I read the comments so good thing we can keep the DH panel. What really bothered me was the OFFSHORE TECH SUPPORT! I was so pissed that you joined the other corporate bastards in moving our jobs overseas and the thought of having to talk to someone with a thick accent that doesn’t understand me almost gave me a heart attack along with everyone else! Not that I’m racist, but tech support is best done by Americans for Americans. :D

    Good one asshole, you’re a WINNER! ;D

  136. LindaMuller Says:

    I did not see this on April 1 — I just read the DH email today: “….we prepare to transition to a more cost-effective offshore support platform….”

    Off-shoring? CPanel? This is NOT amusing. I was so ready to dump DH…. Egad. Do you know how many years it took me to finally find a hosting company that actually fulfills its promises?

    I’m gonna have a Martini and calm down.

  137. Dennis Nilsson Says:

    You scared me! I’f I haven’t check this blog we have leaved you.

    We leaved Endurance-owned Powweb for some years ago. Endurance must be the planets most crappy Internet hosting company.

  138. amel Says:

    I almost died, please, that was too much.

    Cheers, well done, I need to take a breather.

    Even after your service went down that monday, I still say your guys are second to none.

  139. Raving Genius Says:

    The day DreamHost makes me use cPanel is the day I find another host.

  140. ramses Says:


    i read the newletter today!!

    fucking bastards! NO MORE jokes about cpanel please!

  141. jonathan hall Says:

    i was all like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU until I read the end: “Update 4/2: April Fool’s. :)

    i hate cpanel and webhost4life, no wonder they sucked.

  142. sylvain Says:


    This is the worst April’s fool ever ! I’m talking about the newsletter, shorter, less obvious, version.

    The cPanel part was appalling, but the worst was about customer service. I have never seen so dedicated, kind and fine people elsewhere in the universe.

    Do not do this again !

  143. Luciola Says:

    i nearly dropped dead when i saw the word “cPanel”. Please don’t joke about this. I absolutely love you guys and your web panel. will kill me if i have to find another host. seriously.

  144. Lee Says:

    Not fucking funny, almost closed account without reading to the end.

  145. Steve Says:

    cPanel my ass…

  146. DHCostumer Says:

    I’m glad almost all DH costumers hates cPanel!! I thought I was the only one!!!

    Please don’t ever change the DH Control Panel!! it is one of the main reasons I’m with DH for almost 5 years now!!


  147. Randl Says:

    Here’s how good you people are….

    Some months ago I sent in a question via your email support. Within 15-30 minutes I received a response that answered my question. A few minutes LATER I got the AUTOMATIC response saying my support request had been received and blah..blah. The live response BEFORE the automatic one…how good is that!!!???

    SOOOOO….my heart dropped into my stomach when I read you were out-sourcing. So glad this is NOT happening! Keep up the good work and the off the wall newsletters. A healthy dose of humour is good for the soul. Another thing that sets you apart from the megalithic corporate boys.

  148. Alia Says:

    I didn’t read the monthly newsletter until today. My heart sank when I reached the ‘industry-leading cPanel’ part, just like the bad news revealed on the last newsletter that Stargate Universe had been cancelled.

    And for a moment I was happy for you guys figuring you must have made serious big bucks from the deal.

  149. Lorena Says:

    Any cake left?

  150. Fabio Says:

    cPanel. cPanel made me SHIVER. I seriously considered abandoning you forever.

    Then I realized I was reading (late) an april’s fool joke, and felt dumb. Good job. Please do not change ever. I wuv you <3

  151. Jim Fell Says:

    Overseas support means worthless support. I’ve used cPanel before. I hate, Hate, HATE it! I really hope this was a joke. If DreamHost actually makes a move like this, I promise, I would would be looking for another web hosting provider.

  152. geraldine Says:

    whew! i hope this is just a joke! i like dreamhost. dreamhost apps is where i started. pls don’t let go of that.

  153. Steve Says:

    Very relieved to see, after reading the May newsletter, that the “6th of April” newsletter was a joke.

    I got as far as “Meet Our New Owners, EIG”, was called away from the computer and didn’t get to read the April Fool’s joke bit.

  154. diego Says:

    i like CPanel more than the one Dreamhost have ._. (and it isnt an aprils fools)