South Sudan Passports And IDs To Be Launched On 3 January 2012

27 December 2011—(Juba) —South Sudan is to launch the new passports and identity cards on 3rd of January 2012.


The director of immigration in South Sudan Elia Costa spoke to SRS on Tuesday.


[Elia Costa]:“The new passports will be launched on 3rd January 2012 at the same time with the national identity cards in Juba by the president of the republic of South Sudan. We have three types of electronic passports, diplomatic, the normal passport and special. All are ready and after some time we are going to have a business passport. The process is going to be as follow; first there are application forms for the IDs. After getting the ID then one can apply for a passport.”


Costa said that soon the department will extend the issuance of IDs and passports to the ten states of the country.


The new passports will be valid for five years.