Sometimes corporate relocation means pet relocation as well. Transferring assignees successfully entails a lot of research into not only what they need but also their animal companions!

When Pet Relocation Gets “Hairy”

Home searches are particularly challenging for pet owners because:

  • Fewer buildings in LND accept animals – Pet friendly locations are hard to find.
  • Both LND estate agents and landlords are reluctant to help tenants with dogs or cats

Common Concerns About London Pet Relocation

It never fails: whenever London Relocation receives inquiries from those moving here with an animal, it’s because these clients have attempted to tackle the apartment search on their own and struck out time after time when lettings agents couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help them. This just adds to the list of obstacles that pet relocation involves:

  • Thorough understanding of DEFRA and its Pet Travel Scheme
  • Getting veterinary appointments and documentation in order
  • Arranging transport and pick-up of pets
  • Finding properties that accept pets when the supply is scarce

The odds of London pet relocation can add up to a bite as big as their bark—which is why some owners sadly and reluctantly leave their animals behind or might turn down an international assignment altogether.

How Pet-Friendly is London?

Super friendly, actually! Aside from the pain a property search can be for London pet relocation, the city is very enthusiastic about and accommodating of animals. Dogs can:

  • Ride on public transport
  • Accompany their owners to pubs and shops
  • Romp through thousands of acres of green space between LND’s numerous (and huge) parks
  • Enjoy quality foods, accessories, and care services thanks to various area specialty stores and services

There’s no question the British love their animals—the Queen herself is their poster child with all her corgis and horses. It’s a shame, then, that the London property market doesn’t share this enthusiasm, leaving owners scrambling to make a London pet relocation happen.

We’ll Be Your Pet-Friendly Property Finder

London estate agencies might be known to turn dog or cat owners away outright, but we have no such hesitation with London pet relocation. In the face of such an uncooperative climate, we’re the safe harbor you can retreat to with confidence.

Providing you just one point of contact for all of your relocation needs, for a pet relocation in particular, we:

  • Know which buildings accept animals (are pet friendly)
  • Show 15-20 pet-friendly properties in one day
  • Recommend locations with nice private gardens or public green space for pleasant and accessible dog-walking
  • Negotiate the best rent price when landlords will otherwise want to charge more (or demand more than one month’s rent in advance) for allowing dogs or cats

We also advise on:

  • UK import rules and requirements for pet relocation
    • Pet Travel Scheme
    • Microchip, vaccinations, treatments, and veterinary certificates
    • Pets originating inside the EU
    • Pets originating outside the EU
  • Collecting animals from Heathrow’s Animal Reception Centre
  • International and domestic transportation
  • A Passport for pets for international travel after the initial family relocation
  • UK dog or cat insurance
  • London-area dog or cat services (such as grooming, walking, boarding, etc.)

Never underestimate the bond between pets and their owners—asking someone to leave a dog or cat behind may as well be asking to abandon a member of the family.

We’re Dog’s Best Friend

London Relocation’s service would be incomplete if it didn’t extend to this very precious cargo. We’re here for our clients from start to finish, doing everything we can to meet everything they need, so contact us now if you or any of your company’s employees require additional assistance with London pet relocation.