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Natural Insulation for your construction, superior thermal and acoustic performance.
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I am a Builder

Sheep Wool Insulation is totally natural, environmentally friendly, and quick and easy to install. It has many advantages for builders – and plenty of indirect benefits too. Here are some of the reasons why you should make Sheep Wool Insulation a key part of your plans for a highly energy-efficient building.

1. It adds value

Sheep Wool Insulation makes sound economic sense because it immediately adds value to your development. Major international studies such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors' "Green Value" report show clear links between green buildings and their market value. Wool insulation and other eco-friendly products appeal to the growing numbers of home owners and buyers looking for green buildings with an excellent energy rating.

2. It's safe

Because the wool is natural, Sheep Wool Insulation is perfectly safe to handle. Unlike many other insulation products, you don't need special equipment or safety clothing to install it. That means a faster, hazard-free installation – and lower construction costs. Sheep Wool Insulation is quick and easy to work with, following the shape of the rafters, studs and joists for a tight fit. Sheep Wool Insulation is also ideal for refurbishments and restoration projects. You can roll it over the existing insulation instead of having to remove it. This is quicker and much safer than removing hazardous material, minimising health and safety risks on site.

3. It's award-winning

Sheep Wool Insulation is certified as the highest performing fibrous insulation, maximising energy efficiency. We continuously monitor product quality to ensure these award winning standards are maintained. Full testing and certification is carried out on all our products to ensure compliance with building regulations and to give you the confidence to make the best choice.

4. It's flexible

Sheep Wool Insulation rolls come in a wide range of lengths and depths, and can be layered to achieve requirements. Whether it's a new development or a refurbishment, you can fit Sheep Wool Insulation anywhere – from external or internal walls, under timber or concrete floors to the attic/loft or between the rafters.

5. We deliver

We can also arrange delivery, using eiterh our own vehicles or leading courier companies. Delivery charges are additional, but we always look for the most cost effective delivery method. We also supply any other accessories you may need, such as cutting tools, membranes and tapes. See our online shop for more details.

6. We can help

Need more information or assistance? We provide online advice and telephone helpline service. Read our guides to find out more.

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