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Earthing systems are vital to the safety, security and functionality of electrical installations. They provide a safe path for fault current so that over-current protection systems can function, provide a safe path for lightning strikes while containing the voltage rise to a safe value and provide an equipotential surface on which electronic equipment can function without interference.

Earthing FAQs

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Pub 119 Earthing Practice open pdf
This book explains why earthing systems are required and the legislation with which they must comply. Chapters on the design and performance of electrodes, lightning protection, corrosion resistance and the properties of copper are included. 1997. 69pp.

Power Quality and Utilisation Guide - 'Earthing and EMC' web link
This section of the Power Quality and Utilisation Guide covers background theory and practical guidance on design of earthing systems in low voltage installations, including design philosophy, electrode design and earth resistance calculations.

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