Use the pyro to cause confusion in the enemy ranks by unleashing his short-range flamethrower.
Character Classes


Offensive ability: Medium
Defensive ability: Medium
Health: Medium (90)
Armor: High (150 max)
Speed: Medium

Weapons: Single-barrel shotgun, flamethrower, incendiary cannon, crowbar
Grenades: one hand grenade, four napalm grenades

Special Skill: Selects the flamethrower

Special Functions: Can't be set on fire.

Purpose in Life
Chaos. It's as simple as that. Perhaps the most rounded class in terms of offensive and defensive functions, the pyro excels at both, but isn't really the optimum class for either task. Thus, it makes the pyro somewhat of an outcast, but not necessarily one that doesn't possess some unique and destructive abilities.

Let's return to the term "chaos." The pyro's greatest gift is his ability to quickly cause panic and confusion, either among enemy defenders or attackers. His flamethrower, while not an instant kill device, will surely aggravate enemy players and cause plenty of confusing moments once they are set on fire. Even the sound of the flamethrower accompanied by the pyro's sinister grin is enough to make the enemy flee.

But, as effective as a little chaos is, that alone doesn't make the pyro the best attacker or defender. His abilities lie in setting a pathway for the oncoming attack, using his napalm grenades or incendiary cannon to ignite and clear the ground for the advancing force. Further, the pyro serves as an adequate point-man, dishing out his flaming liquid onto the defenders as his brethren invade the stronghold. When playing as the pyro, sacrifice will be key. You probably won't be racking up the kills, but you'll be providing an essential role for your team.

On defense, the pyro works best like the demoman, as a pre-sentry line of defense, to eliminate any attackers armor and health points, making them easy fodder for the sentry or other deep defenses. Inside a team filled with excellent communicators, the pyro can toss his napalm charges or fire the incendiary cannon where the enemy is preparing to enter. When it's reported that the enemy is approaching through the front door, a few napalm grenades and incendiary shots can create quite a welcoming committee.

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