The 2012 Flash Fiction Contest: Winners!

Judge Randball Brown has selected the following for recognition in our 2012 Flash Fiction Contest!

First place: Jeffrey Kingman, “The Package”
Second: Brendan Egan, “Six Songs for the Sand and One for the Black Lake Below”
Third: Ben Hoffman, “One for the Road”
Honorable Mentions: K. Jane Childs, “Joists,” and Nancy Devine, “Burnt Obsession”

Jeffrey Kingman will receive $111 in prize money, Brendan Egan $35, and Ben Hoffman $25, and the winning pieces will appear in our spring issue.

We’d like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who helped us promote the contest, to Randall Brown for being a pal and judging, and to everyone who took the chance on entering. You’ve given us a successful venture, and we are thrilled to honor these fine writers. Thank you, everyone, for supporting Revolution House.

2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations

With great fanfare and much rejoicing, the team behind Revolution House is pleased to announce our nominees for the 2012 Pushcart Prize:

From Volume 2.1:
Chelsey Clammer, “Bodyhome”
Nick McRae, “Introduction to Czech Studies” and “Martin, Slovakia”
Gwen E. Kirby, “Vectors”

From Volume 2.2:
W. Todd Kaneko, “The Sheik Likes to Hurt People”
MK Miller, “Elbow Point: Welcome to Black’s Lodge, Number 13″

Thank you again to everyone who’s submitted our work, or taken the time to read what we publish, to everyone who’s donated a few bucks, supported a contest, or given us a kind word. We love this opportunity to celebrate some of the fine writers we have the opportunity to publish.

2012 Best of the Net Nominations

We are pleased to announce our nominees for the 2012 Best of the Net anthology from Sundress Publications:

Creative Nonfiction:
“Bodyhome” by Chelsey Clammer (from 2.1)
“Thesis” by CL Bledsoe (from 1.3)

“Fatherhood” by Kea Marie (from 1.2)
“The Rapture of Our Things” by Dan Hornsby (from 1.3)

“The, Warped Wholly” by Jake Syersak (from 1.3)
“Body Cento from the Decade I Edited–Year Two” by Jackie K. White (from 2.1)
“How To Politely Decline an Invitation to an Airport Lounge or How To Meet New People Without Being Creepy” by Carol Guess and Daniela Olszewska (from 1.3)

We’d like to thank not only these authors, but everyone who ever takes the time to submit work to us. We’re thrilled to read all of it, and we’ll be pulling for our writers to turn up in the anthology!

2012 storySouth Million Writers Award nominations

We are pleased to announce the following nominees for the 2012 Million Writers award:

From Volume 1.2:
“Fatherhood,” by Kea Marie and “Turk’s Head,” by Claire Shefchik

From Volume 1.3: “Orange,” by Terri-Brown Davidson

It was a tough decision, and it came down to a tiebreak vote amongst our fiction staff, but we’re very happy with these choices and will be promoting the work of our authors as much as we can!

Volume 2.1 and the CNF contest winner!

We are pleased to present the first issue of 2012, now live for your reading pleasure. Within you’ll find new fiction and poetry, our first-ever interview (featuring Dan Chaon), and the winner of our Editors’ Choice Creative Nonfiction contest, Chelsey Clammer, and her incredible “Bodyhome.” The Spring CNF Prize includes a $40 honorarium and a one-of-a-kind print of the issue. We received so many wonderful submissions for our first contest, and are honored to showcase our top choices in this issue, among them a graphic memoir and another selection from William Henderson’s memoir-in-progress. Henderson first appeared in Volume 1.2 with “Mon Coeur,” later nominated by us for a Pushcart Prize.

At 127 pages, this is our biggest issue to date, but it’s just the beginning of what we hope will be a very big year for the RevHouse. Stay with us and see what’s next.

Volume 2.1: A Celebration of Creative Nonfiction

We are pleased to announce that we’re kicking off the new year with a special section dedicated to creative nonfiction in the Spring issue. While we will still include other fine work, Revolution House is going to dedicate a a wealth of space in the magazine to all things truth. We are open to all forms of creative nonfiction, but we encourage a glance back through our past issues to get a feel for the sort of things we tend to like (note: we like many, many things). Send us your best and brightest by February 20, 2012. We can’t wait to read.

As a bonus, we will be offering a small cash prize to the author of one work of creative nonfiction in this issue. So if you’ve been sitting on something, wondering if you should send it out… the answer is yes. You might just become our first paid contributor.

See you in the submissions manager.*

*Not to fret—work already accepted for this issue will be considered for the editor’s choice prize.

2011 Pushcart Prize nominations

It’s been a big year for Revolution House, and things are about to get bigger. Not only are we busily prepping our third issue, but we’re also pleased to announce that we have selected the following six authors from our first two issues as nominees for the 2011 Pushcart Prize:

  • Amorak Huey, “The Sword Swallower Wonders What’s the Point”
  • William Henderson, “Mon Coeur”
  • Kea Marie, “Fatherhood”
  • Jen Marquardt, “Conjoined”
  • Sarah V. Schweig, From “Addenda”
  • Ashley Wakefield, “The Elephant Graveyard”

Since our inception, we have been blessed with a bounty of wonderful work. We are honored to have been able to provide these pieces with a home. Our selection process was difficult; we wanted to nominate everything, because we love everything we’ve published. We come back to them; we reread, we revisit, and we find ourselves, in talking over the new work that crosses our virtual desks, discussing the work that has come before. It sticks with us, but these six have stuck the most firmly. Read them. Read them all. We think they’ll stick with you, too.

See you in a few weeks, RevHouse fans. We’ll be rounding out our first year with a bang.


Best of the Net nominations

We here at the RevHouse are pleased to announce that we will be nominating the following pieces from Revolution House 1.1 for Sundress Publications’ Best of the Net 2010:

  • “The Sword Swallower Wonders What’s the Point” — Amorak Huey
  • “Space Cases” — Patrick Thomas Henry
  • “Conjoined” — Jen Marquardt
  • “The Elephant Graveyard” — Ashley Wakefield
  • “Lunatics/Lunar-tics” — Courtney Thomas Vance

Since our debut, we have been continually impressed by the caliber of work submitted to our magazine, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone out there appreciates it as much as we do. Congratulations to these fine authors, each of whom is worth a read (and a few re-reads). If you missed one of these pieces, get your bad self on over to the Issues page and check it out.

Revolution House 1.2 is live!

If for some reason you find yourself here and not here, you might want to pop over and check out the new issue. We’ve had some really tremendous writers take a chance on our still-new magazine, and we’re thrilled to present this second issue.

We are currently reading for the third issue, due in December, and we’re already about halfway to our goals for fiction. We are still in particular need of poetry and creative nonfiction (and we’re always reading in every category), so if you like what you see in our first two issues, please send us your work. We’d love to see it.