Each employee moving to London for a corporate relocation is a bundle of separate expenses for you as HR to oversee.

Moving to London on a Budget

Our relocation professionals understand your hands are tied when it comes to allocating a relocation budget in compliance with corporate guidelines.

  • You don’t need to do it alone
  • We’ll manage the payments of your assignees’ expenses, from those related to their LND apartments to their travel and day-to-day costs
  • Centralizing this process as your one point of contact keeps it quick, efficient, and off your shoulders

Common Concerns About the Cost of Moving to London

An international corporate relocation is a jigsaw puzzle of different components. Each of those components—from arranging flights, movers, and temporary accommodation while employees search London apartments for rent, to all the aspects of settling in thereafter—require different vendors.

  • Managing all these separate third parties and their billing procedures is a time-consuming task for HR teams
  • The more decentralized expenses are, the more room there is for error
  • Trying to meet all employees’ needs might not balance with the corporate budget
  • Employees, in the meantime, must wait for their out-of-pocket costs to be reimbursed

All of the above inflicts administrative hassle and stress on HR and employees alike.

We’ll Balance Your Budget

When it comes to finding quality London rentals suitable to your staff, it’s our Rule #1 to conduct an extensive needs assessment to understand all required parameters of the search—ensuring it meets both individual preferences and budget.

But if you’re an HR professional or otherwise responsible for corporate employees moving to London, our needs assessment extends to you as well. We’ll review with you your financial parameters and advise on expense expectations, taking into account cost of living adjustments (COLA) between the UK and origin countries to help you budget accordingly for costs like:

  • Moving and freight
  • Airfare
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Rent and deposit on flats in LND
  • Utility bills
  • Per diem and ad hoc expenses

Providing you regular reporting on the above, we likewise issue you only ONE INVOICE for our services that also includes your employees’ London flats-related expenses:

  • First month’s rent
  • Six-week deposit

We manage payment of the above to the appropriate party entirely on your behalf and further cover any extra administrative fees lettings agents usually charge so that these costs aren’t passed on to you.

We’re Your Cost-Conscious Solution

Anything we can do to simplify your corporate relocation, we’ll aim to do it. We’re a total solution that looks at your relocation from all angles and within the boundaries of your company policy. Moving to London can be stressful enough—assignees need not worry over their finances each passing day that they wait for reimbursement of their out-of-pocket expenses (particularly if they’re moving with a family and shouldering multiple plane tickets and feeding multiple mouths). And you as HR need not add all the extra documentation and processing to your existing workload.

Let our relocation services streamline the process and have you and your staff breathing easy, focusing on other matters of importance of you. There’s joy in moving to London, too, which you can’t put a price on and won’t cost you a thing!