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Welcome to EISCO 2012

“It’s with great pleasure that Guimarães will host the EISCO 2012, from our point of view, this European Conference, whose purpose is to mark and monitor the European Digital Local Agenda, will appreciate  the work of local partnership and regional levels, particularly with the municipalities, but also with the University of Minho, Development Institutes, and especially with the people.

Of course, the Conference will be “the cherry on top of a cake” of a work, that over the past years, we have been doing since 1998, when we’ve had the first concept of Digital Region, “Vale do Ave Região Digital”, until today, where we have set a strategy until 2015, which aims bringing the technology, management, territory and people, together.

I’m convinced that it is worth, especially since it is also known to the public, that in 2012, we will be responsible for European Capital of Culture Guimarães 2012, and this strategy of a complementary set of skills, fit perfectly into what we intend to do, an European Capital of Culture, which more than one Program, allowing showing, discuss, rethink the example of development of Guimarães, in the Region of Vale do Ave and Portugal.

The economy of scale and sharing, only possible and facilitated by technology, by the digital, will benefit both, entities which are responsible for implementing such services, either by those who are involved in the service, and consequently their results.

Welcoming the EISCO2012 will be for us, Region of Vale do Ave, Portugal, essential in the affirmation of our strategy of Digital Region, but also, in the National Strategy of Technology, especially in the modernization of services to citizens and businesses. We believe that with this strategy, we can win the bet of retraining and territorial requalification, and EISCO2012 will be the moment where we can all discuss the status of Local Digital Agenda, and also understand the statement of the Vale do Ave in this area.

Assuming EISCO as a sharing space, it is with pleasure, that I am presenting the challenge for you, to propose, good stories of experiences and studies that take advantage of technologies like Web 2.0 or in 2012 Web 3.0, and we can never forget of our mission, the technology is to serve the people and for the people to use it, as sake of quality of life of our territories.

Even though this temporal and physical distance, I invite those who can be with us in 2012, to come to us, and I am sure that, in fact, you will have a time well spent between us, both in terms of the essence of the issue that brings them here, either sharing with us a number of achievements during that year, and also, what are the advantages of an area that is considered in Europe an exceptional  Territory at tourism level.

Dr. António Magalhães
The Mayor of Guimarães


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