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USS Finback SSN 670 Fast Attack Sturgeon Class Submarine
Costa Rican Diquis Stone Spheres Stone Spheres from the Diquis Valley Region Visit McGuinnessPublishing for more of our outstanding websites!
Get the facts on one of the world's great mysteries of archaeology!
The enduring mystery of the near perfect Pre-Columbian Stone Balls of Costa Rica's Diquis Valley and Isla del Cano!
Diquis Sphere Photo Gallery Facts & Information about the Costa Rican Stone Balls
The History about the Stone Spheres
How the near perfect Stone Balls were made, based upon first hand experience
More information about the Costa Rican stone spheres
Stone Sphere Links
Presented by Dr. Tim McGuinness, Archaeologist & Anthropologist, who explored the Diquis Region extensively during the 1970's
Other Spheres FromAround The World
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