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Dougald Hine  |  8 posts

Despatch #3: In the future, everyone will be powerful for 15 minutes!

April 12, 2012

From The Observer’s hunt for Britain’s New Radicals to’s search for Social Innovation Rockstars, it seems there’s a push to make celebrities out of individuals involved in social change. But in the latest piece from our book, Despatches from the Invisible Revolution, Dougald Hine argues that this is at odds with the actual sources [...]

Launching our first book: ‘Despatches from the Invisible Revolution’

February 21, 2012

(Order your copy of Despatches from the Invisible Revolution now from PediaPress.) In the Industrial Revolution, you could point at a steam engine and ask: ‘What on earth is that?’ What defines the Invisible Revolution is that there’s nothing to point at, no totemic object that conveys the power and the strangeness of the forces [...]

Keep calm, clean up – but don’t let things get “back to normal”

August 12, 2011

As the English weather promises an unusually welcome dampness for the days ahead, surely we can all hope that things are calming down. Let us not say “getting back to normal”, though, because “normal” meant ignoring the social and cultural collapse out of which this week’s troubles erupted. The desire to make things better which [...]

‘It’s wrong to wish on space hardware’: The power and failure of Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth mythos

July 12, 2011

One aim of New Public Thinking is to create a space in which we can do our thinking in public, sharing work in progress, rather than waiting until there’s a polished artefact to present and defend. It is in that spirit that I want to share the following: a recording of the improvised talk I [...]

Kick The Bastards Out: Comparing Collapsonomics Elections with Justin Pickard

May 4, 2011

Here in the United Kingdom, we have a referendum tomorrow on whether to replace our First Past The Post voting system with the Alternative Vote. Over the past year, polls have shown a strong lead for voting reform slip back to roughly even pegging, then collapse over the past two months. At this stage, it’s [...]

It’s not how big your society is, it’s what you do with it

March 30, 2011

As I was on the train yesterday morning, I tweeted, ‘On my way to Guildford to talk about what’s wrong with #bigsociety.’ I got a reply straight back from Mike Butcher – Editor of TechCrunch Europe, co-founder of TechHub, board member of the Coalition for a Digital Economy, and someone who has been at the [...]

Conversations From This Afternoon (1)

February 17, 2011

How do we step away from the habit of owning and defending ideas, and towards doing our thinking in public? Can we shift the focus from the individuals, to the links between us? One possibility – for a site like this – is through publishing conversations. Sharing the ways in which we kick around ideas [...]

Time for New Public Thinking

February 3, 2011

Imagine that the BBC announced a project to map the great public thinkers of the 20th century and began by setting criteria which would exclude George Orwell, Gloria Steinem and Antonio Gramsci. The idea is absurd – but no less absurd than Radio 3’s recent search for “the next generation of public intellectuals.” The New [...]