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openDemocracy Ltd is a not-for-profit enterprise.

The development of openDemocracy has been funded by the generosity of more than forty trusts, foundations and individuals since 2001.

oD's independent Sections raise their own funding in parallel to the funding of the Main Site. 

openDemocracy's receives support from the Open Trust, a registered UK charity (number 1086404). The Trust has no direct stake in openDemocracy but conducts regular oversight to be sure that it is operating in conformity with the Trust's charitable purpose.

US funders can support openDemocracy via openDemocracy(USA) Incorporated, a 501(c)(3) body.

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You can read a summary of openDemocracy's 2010 audited accounts here.

Our supporters 

We acknowledge the generous support of the following foundations and individuals for both the Main Site and the Sections


  • Eric Abraham Charitable Trust (OurBeeb debate)
  • The Barrow Cadbury Trust (50.50 - People on the Move)
  • Esmee Fairbairn Foundation (50.50 - Centrestage)
  • Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust
  • Hauser-Rapse Foundation (Editorial transition fund)
  • HIVOS ( 50.50 Religion Gender Politics)
  • International Council on Human Rights (50.50 - Governing poverty, Risking rights?)
  • JAS Fund (Arab Awakening)
  • Marmot Trust (Editorial transition fund)
  • Mulberry Trust (Arab Awakening)
  • Natur och kultur (Editorial transition fund)
  • Network for Social Change (Arab Awakening)
  • Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (openSecurity)
  • Oak Foundation (50.50)
  • The Open Society Institute
  • David & Elaine Potter Charitable Foundation
  • David & Elaine Potter Charitable Foundation (OurKingdom)
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund (Editorial transition fund)
  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (OurKingdom)
  • William Sieghart / Esmée Fairbairn Foundation (Editorial transition fund)
  • Sigrid Rausing Foundation (Editorial transition fund)
  • The Tedworth Charitable Trust (Exile Nation Project)
  • TIDES: New Field Foundation (50.50 - OurAfrica and Nobel Women’s Initiative Partnership)
  • Tinsley Foundation (Editorial transition fund)
  • University of East London (Arab Awakening)
  • USA for Africa (50.50 - OurAfrica)
  • Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust (OurKingdom)


    Costas Carras, Charles Chadwyck-Healey; Greg Dyke (OurKingdom); David Elstein; Clare Enders; Jeremy Fox; Jeremy Hardie; Judith Herrin; Ann Lapping; John Mills; Mark Oliver; Jo Stanislaw; Dennis Stevenson.


  • The Barrow Cadbury Trust
  • The Charles E Chadwyck-Healey Charitable Trust
  • David & Elaine Potter Charitable Foundation
  • Hivos
  • The Open Society Institute
  • The Open Trust
  • The Tedworth Charitable Trust
  • Heinrich Boell Foundation
  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
  • John Jackson


  • The Barrow Cadbury Trust
  • The Charles E Chadwyck-Healey CharitableTrust
  • David & Elaine Potter Charitable Foundation
  • Hivos
  • The Marmot Charitable Trust
  • The Open Society Institute
  • The Open Trust
  • The Tedworth Charitable Trust
  • Tides Foundation
  • The Tinsley Foundation


  • Atlantic Philanthropies
  • Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • The Ford Foundation
  • J B H Jackson
  • The Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Polden Puckham Charitable Trust
  • Reed Foundation
  • Stichting Hivos
  • Wainwright Trust

    Past Supporters

  • Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University
  • Joukowsky Family Foundation
  • New World Foundation
  • The Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Sigrid Rausing.

    Individuals : Heidi Bergemann, John Cleese, Charles Ann Cotton, Carl Djerassi, David Elstein, Jeremy Hardie, Judith Herrin, Anthony Barnett, Reinhard Hesse, Diego Hidalgo, John Jackson, Nelly Munthe, Pamela Raspe, Hermann Hauser.

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