OSR: A Bevy Of Adverse Events · 2010-07-12 08:15

In his public response to the FDA’s warning letter regarding OSR — a synthetic industrial chelator marketed since 2008 in the guise of a “dietary supplement” — University of Kentucky emeritus Prof. Boyd Haley claims that there have been no undesirable side effects associated with his inadequately tested, unapproved new drug:

“Since CTI Science has been selling OSR (about 2 years) we have not had one severe adverse effect reported to our FDA based adverse effect reporting system.” (June 29, 2010)

Presumably, the “FDA based adverse effect reporting system” to which Prof. Haley refers is a private post-marketing safety surveillance program modeled after but independent of the system established by the FDA to track adverse effects and medication errors associated with approved drugs and biologic products. Adverse event reports submitted to the FDA are made freely available to the public, regardless of the severity of the event. In contrast, adverse event reports submitted to Prof. Haley and his colleagues regarding OSR are closely guarded secrets.

The CTI Science website and OSR’s product information sheet state only that “Allergic or other adverse reactions may occur at any time with any food or dietary supplement as well as OSR#1,” and generally caution those with yeast and fungal conditions, thyroid conditions, hypertension and diabetes from taking OSR without monitoring by a medical professional. A recent statement issued by Haley collaborator Dr. Jerry Kartzinel refers to reports of “temporary diarrhea, constipation, minor headaches,” but minimizes them as “rare,” and contends that “the actual causes are unknown.”

Contrary to Prof. Haley’s suggestion that there have been no “severe” side effects associated with OSR, and contrary to Dr. Kartzinel’s assertion that adverse events have been “rare,” as soon as OSR went on the market, numerous anecdotal reports of side effects began to appear on online discussion groups frequented by parents of autistic children — most notably the 6,465-member ChelatingKids2 Yahoo! group. The volume of these reports slowed after several new restricted-membership groups for discussion of OSR were established in the Spring of 2009, and since ChelatingKids2 was suspended the following August. Notwithstanding the slowing of open public discussion about OSR by its purchasers, the informal reports that have accumulated since its introduction into commerce provide compelling indications of OSR’s potential to significantly, unpredictably alter human fluid balance, disrupt mineral metabolism, and negatively affect gastrointestinal, respiratory and immune function, and should give pause to anyone tempted to trust the safety assurances of those who stand to profit from its continued sale.

Increased Thirst, Urination, Salivation, Mucus Production

“Second day of OSR… A. is urinating profusely and drinking a lot of juice.”
ChelatingKids2, July 31, 2008
“Day 3… He went to the bathroom about 12 times in 2 hours!!! I don’t even think he took in that much liquid today compared to what came out!”
Our OSR Experience, August 25, 2008
“Our initial observations are consistent with what you have seen. Unbelievable thirst and urination, increased appetite, and some improved cognitive ability.”
Autism-Biomedical, September 2, 2008
“We have been doing ALA and DMSA on the weekends. We are on round 16 with mostly negatives at this point. Our plan is to alternate weekends between the OSR and the ALA, DMSA… We were on vacation this week so we did a 4 day round of OSR. He was a little more stimmy and he developed a tremendous thirst.”
Autism-Biomedical, September 1, 2008
“Our DAN! recently increased his dosage and he began hacking up huge amounts of phlegm and saliva from his throat.”
ChelatingKids2, November 10, 2008
“I did report bed wetting to my DAN but I did not purchase the OSR thru him and he does not have any contact w/ Dr Haley…. Is there any way to report this? …My son began bed wetting on OSR when given orally (he is 12 yrs old and had not wet the bed in a good 5 yrs). We stopped the OSR and started it several times and he still wet the bed even when given a small dose in the AM.”
ChelatingKids2, April 8, 2009; June 16, 2009
“I started my son on OSR a month ago and we ramped up to 50 mg a day. The first three weeks I did not see anything, no side-effects, no yeast. Now it’s been a few days that my son has been especially hyper and he is urinating a lot in the afternoon, between around 3:00pm and 8:00pm (we give OSR at 1:00pm).”
ChelatingKids2, June 25, 2009

Constipation, Diarrhea & Gastrointestinal Distress

“Day 3 was yesterday for us with a MASSIVE poop. I guess this stuff is cleansing, huh?”
ChelatingKids2, August 24, 2008
“We saw the same thing. About 1 1/2 feet of poop on day 4 and 5…”
ChelatingKids2, August 24, 2008
“We started on it about 10 days ago and N. has either been constipated or he’s been having BM’s without us knowing. But when we see him go, his stools are kind of mushy and not as voluminous as usual.”
ChelatingKids2, August 29, 2008
“Day 11… [H]e hasn’t had a BM in 3 days. He normally goes once a day, and sometimes skips a day so 2 days in a row didn’t phase me.”
“Day 12… He came home, asked to lay down and for “some juice and water,” threw up, ran 102 temp for about an hour and fell asleep. He slept for an hour, was up for about 2 hours and is now sleeping again. Still no BM despite a glycerine suppository.”
“Day 13… We finally got a poop out of him!!!! Not his norm as far size and amount but a fully formed poop.”
Our OSR Experience, September 2, 3, 4, 2008
“We started at a 1/48 tsp for 2 weeks and went up to 1/32 tsp in divided doses… There were 4 days of smelly very loose stool…”
ChelatingKids2, September 5, 2008
“We have been on OSR for a little over a week now and one of my little guys who usually has a bowel movement every day now only goes every other day…”
ChelatingKids2, September 10, 2008
“After about a week my son, who normally goes 1x a day, stopped going. On day 5 of no BMs I was ready to help things along a bit and he went a little on his own. The next day a little again and finally another day later he went normal. That was 3 days ago and that was the last BM we saw.”
ChelatingKids2, September 9, 2008
“We had some gut problems at first… Things have gotten somewhat back to normal, after about 2-3 weeks, but my son still skips some days on bowel movements where he used to have a bowel movement every day — sometimes more than one.”
ChelatingKids2, September 10, 2008
“We had some constipation/gut issues initially which resolved on their own in a couple of weeks. Also noticed he seems more stimmy.”
ChelatingKids2, October 1, 2008
“We’ve had some constipation too, and some early wakenings…”
ChelatingKids2, October 2, 2008
“My son has been having gritty pooh almost looks like sand is in it… He is taking OSR and other supplements also GFCF SCD and avoiding food sensitives.”
ChelatingKids2, October 16, 2008
“We have been at this for over two months now… We first started and had to back off because after the first week it totally constipated him.”
AutismWeb, November 18, 2008
“We tried and C. kept having stomach aches with it.”
AutismWeb, February 27, 2009
“My girl takes methyl B12 and OSR. I have noticed abdominal bloating lately. I thought she had gained weight since her eating has increased since she no longer takes Ritalin and thought the B 12 shots may have increased her appetite but she woke up this am w/ a flat stomach like she lost 5 lbs over nite.”
ChelatingKids2, June 14, 2009

Upper Respiratory Congestion

“We’ve recently started giving my 7 yr old OSR. He’s had 6 doses so far over 12 days (the study he’s in suggests a dose every 2 days for the first two weeks). For the past week or so he’s been extremely congested, runny nose, cough, etc and hasn’t been able to shake it. He isn’t feverish and has been going to school and other activities as usual. No one else in the house is sick and we haven’t caught any “bug” from him either. It is certainly possible it is a regular cough/cold picked up at school, but I think the OSR might be responsible for this one.”
ChelatingKids2, November 6, 2008
“We are on OSR as well — low dose at approximately 20 mg 3X daily. My son also has been congested, runny nose, cough and has no fevers.”
ChelatingKids2, November 6, 2008
“My son has had a lot of nasty congestion since we started OSR.”
ChelatingKids2, November 17, 2008

Insomnia, Emotional Lability, Agitation, Cognitive & Behavioral Changes

“[We’re giving] 1/32 tsp 1x a day in the morning. We tried it at night and he woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to bed. I plan to work up to 1/16 tsp over time; however, we started at that dose and he had a lot of frustration and very emotional.”
ChelatingKids2, August 24, 2008
“We’re getting a little more scripting…”
ChelatingKids2, August 24, 2008
“We are on day 17 and for the past 2 days [my son] has had a ton of gas and is visually stimming and his attention is down… these signs are running rapid the last 2 days… We haven’t had yeast issues forever, and we are not even on any yeast supplements, just probiotics and juice plus, SO looks like we might have to add something or stop OSR.”
ChelatingKids2, August 31, 2008
“We will be sending our fecal metals off this week after being on OSR for 20 days. I would have waited longer but we are getting increased eye stimming and attention issues…”
ChelatingKids2, September 3, 2008
“When I started my son on OSR, I used to give it to him in the afternoon (after he got home from school) and he had difficulty going to sleep.”
AutismBiomedical, September 20, 2008
“A. had night awakenings when I gave it at night. This from a child that has slept 12 hours every night since he was 4 months old.”
ChelatingKids2, October 13, 2008
“[W]e have been on it 6 days. [M]y son seems a little spacey…”
ChelatingKids2, October 16, 2008
“We began using it last month… When we first got to a full dose (you work your way up slowly on this), my son began chewing on his shirts… The only side effect we have seen is that he seems a little wired in the early morning hours (3-4am). Not hyper, but wide awake at 3-4 am.”
ChelatingKids2, November 10, 2008
“When we initially introduced OSR, my son went through a period of emotional roller coaster ride and skin rashes on and off for about one month. Both emotional outbursts and skin rashes went away after that.”
ChelatingKids2, March 13, 2009
“Our son just got REALLY different. He seemed depressed and his grades dropped dramatically. He started to forget to hand in his homework. His organizational skills got worse. I just stopped it.”
ChelatingKids2, April 9, 2009
“[OSR] made him [4 year old boy] more hyper and stimmy, we had originally started with an 1/8th capsule and worked up to a full capsule over about two weeks; now we have backed down to a 1/4 capsule and use it daily just as part of his normal regimen.”
AutismWeb, May 20, 2009
“We do have a little more hyperactivity…”
AutismWeb, June 4, 2009
“I only gave it to my son for a short time. I may have seen some positives but I also saw a ton of irritability.”
AutismWeb, June 20, 2009

Headaches & Fatigue

“Our DAN said some known side effects are headaches, irritability and a metal taste in the mouth.”
ChelatingKids2, August 31, 2008
“My son says he gets headaches now and then.”
ChelatingKids2, October 1, 2008
“I tried OSR twice on my son but had to pause since he seemed to weaken.”
ChelatingKids2, March 13, 2009
“My son is on 50mg for past 3 days. He is 11 years old. He says when he move his head the top of it hurts.”
ChelatingKids2, June 18, 2009


“We have been on 200mg OSR for a few weeks with good results so far. Two days ago I upped the dose to 300mg (three 50mgs scoops at lunch and 3 at dinner time) and now he has come down with a slight fever, even though he really feels hot all over.”
AutismBiomedical, October 5, 2009
“Yes, this happened to my son at about the 3 week mark, and many kids (and some adults) I know experienced the same things… He got sick more, and because he hadn’t done so before, he was getting sick with every little kindergarten bug that came along… Unfortunately, at least for us, although OSR brought loads of good things (cognitive improvement in addition to the above goodies), it proved temporary. After about 4 months he stopped having these improvements. We increased dose, and nothing happened. Being that it’s so expensive, we stopped. We saw no changes when we stopped it.”
AutismBiomedical, October 5, 2009

Rashes, Hives & Bruising

“Oh, he has some weird rash on his torso. Mostly his chest and stomach. You can barely see it, but you can feel it.”
Our OSR Experience, August 26, 2008
“Our 9 year old son, along with myself have been taking OSR for a few weeks now. After 4 days we took a stool test for my son showing little Mercury coming out. I have had no negative reactions thus far but my son is now tapping his right temple with the back of his hand and has developed hives. We plan to take a 4 day break from OSR to see if the hives clear up, then resume at a lower dose.”
AutismBiomedical, September 19, 2008
“This is a product that is supposed to pull heavy metals out of the brain. I waited on this product to come out 2 yrs, but I reacted to it within 2 1/2 wks with horrible hives.”
ProHealth.com, December 4, 2008
“My son started getting bruises on OSR with Phospholipid exchange — followed doc’s dosing instructions. I stopped OSR after ~3days cos new bruises kept showing up each day that he was on it. Bruises eventually disappeared and no new bruises showed up after stopping OSR.”
ChelatingKids2, April 7, 2009
“When I first added the HMD [Heavy Metal Detox, a commercial product] and OSR, she got a lot of rashes on her chest, back, face and arms. Just slight bumps and some pimply bumps, not irritating… The hives she had all over did go away within a week or so of it starting. She has a lot of bumps on her face that don’t seem to be going away.”
AutismWeb, May 1, 2009
“I’ve just had an interesting week trying OSR. I did it for three days. At first I felt great, but then the metals and/or virus die-off began. Ouch. Rashes, incontinence, joint pain, zits, scalp lesions, the works, like overdoing detox. When I’m de-mercing too hard I get fierce sores. So on Day 3 I threw in the towel and really loaded up on magnesium and liquid minerals, and now I feel really good again except I’m having a giant herpes outbreak around my mouth and I DON’T ever get THAT.”
ChelatingKids2, May 14, 2009
“We’ve had a bad break out. I’m really bummed. Not sure if it’s the OSR, but can’t imagine if it isn’t. I love the supplement, but my son came home yesterday full of hives.”
AutismWeb, June 4, 2009
“While on OSR, we have not had bedwetting, but some other symptoms that we had while on TD-DMPS: red ears, spitting, for us these are signs of detox.”
ChelatingKids2, June 16, 2009
“My friend using it on her 12 year old girl has seen blood in her nose after using it – anyone see this?”
AutismWeb, June 17, 2009


“My son got this red flush all over his face and ears. The second time I tried it a couple of months later, it triggered an asthma attack that took over 10 days to control. I have not touched it since.”
ChelatingKids 2, April 9, 2009


“We had a horrible experience the two times we tried it. We actually saw seizures both times, it took two months to get him back from that.”
AutismWeb, January 21, 2010
“I know 2 children who started with seizures less than a week after starting a low dose of OSR. And I have also spoken to others that have negative reports as well.”
AutismWeb, March 15, 2010

Yeast Infections

“As for the efficacy of OSR, I had my son on it for a month… I stopped because my son developed a yeast problem…”
ChelatingKids2, December 6, 2008
OSR sucked — gave us horrible yeast.”
ChelatingKids2, April 10, 2009

Increased Menses & Lowered Platelet Counts

“I started my son on OSR last September… We initially saw charcoal-back stools, which got me worry, as black stools can suggest blood in the stools. I spoke with Dr. Klinghardt about this. He said that OSR could thin the blood. For children with inflamed gut, OSR could cause very mild bleeding initially and some inflamed gut mucus could be flushed out. He said not to worry, but if the black stools remained after a few days, I should stop OSR and collect stool sample to test for blood in stool. After 3 or 4 days, my son’s stools returned back to his normal stool color; I never did test him for blood in the stool. Still I was not at all easy with OSR, so I decided to take OSR myself one month after my son had been on it. There was not much information online about it and still isn’t… I was on OSR for two months. And two months in a row my periods for the first time in my life lasted for about two weeks each time, during which my blood gushed down like waterfall each time when I used the restroom. Because of the earlier conversation with Dr. Klinghardt, I started to suspect that OSR might thin the blood and increase blood flow by virtue of lowering blood platelets… I then tested my son’s blood platelet level, for first time in 3 years of periodically testing, my son’s blood platelets dropped below the reference range… I also exchanged a few emails with a mom who posted at another group that her teenage girls’ periods became irregular after the use of OSR…”
ChelatingKids2, March 13, 2009
OSR does appear to lower platelet levels in my twins. Their platelets were within normal range for years. After a few weeks on OSR their platelets were right near the bottom of the reference range. After 2 weeks off of OSR their platelet levels were about the same, near the bottom of the reference range. After 6 weeks off OSR, their platelets were back to normal for them (middle of the reference range)… We also saw some constipation.”
AutismWeb, June 19, 2009

Incidents requiring hospitalization

“I’m a parent of an ASD kiddo and I ordered the OSR, but chose to try it on myself first since it’s so new. I’m not sure if this is due to the OSR, but the last few days my liver is sensitive to the touch and I’m having some pain. I had a deep tissue massage yesterday which made the liver more sensitive… probably not the smartest thing I’ve done. I’m sure by toxin burden is very high. I’ve been taken it for about 2 weeks. Anyone have any symptoms like this??”
[the next day]
“I’m fairly certain it’s the liver (b/c I’ve had gall bladder pain before and it’s below that), it’s def not the kidneys… Dosage? Not sure. I’ve been using what I consider a very small amount, but I don’t have a way to measure it. What are others using to measure?”
[the day after that]
“I ended up in the emergency room last night with so much pain that I thought I might pass out or die!!! It was terrible. My liver enzymes are fine! I have a blockage almost the size of a baseball in my intestine behind my liver.”
ChelatingKids2, September 13, 14, 15, 2008
“[T]here were a couple of kids and a couple of adults that ended up in the ER with very high temps and viral titers through the roof. Adding OSR at full dosing was the only change and none were “sick” with other symptoms, this happened within 24 hours of starting. We do not necessarily know who will react that way, that is why we advise ramping up dosing slowly to avoid viral reactivation. [Dr.] Julie Buckley will go over what we have seen, the good the bad and the ugly at NAA.”
ChelatingKids2, November 11, 2008

This last poster claims to be an employee of Dr. Jerry Kartzinel and Dr. Julie Buckley; both are Defeat Autism Now! practitioners and members of the Board of Directors of the CTI Science Foundation, which has solicited donations from parents of autistic children to underwrite the purchase of OSR for other potential CTI Science customers, and to fund the sorts of clinical trials that are generally financed by pharmaceutical manufacturers before new drugs are put on the market. In her book, Healing Our Autistic Children, Dr. Buckley praises Prof. Haley as “fiercely ethical,” and describes OSR as a “new supplement [that] is proving to be exceptionally safe.” If Dr. Buckley has ever publicly disclosed the sort of “bad and ugly” incidents associated with OSR that were described by her staff member, it would seem that the information has yet to be conveyed to Prof. Haley, Dr. Kartzinel, and their other colleagues at the CTI Science Foundation.

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  1. Is there any indication of people being informed about or encouraged to use the FDA’s supplement adverse event report system?

    The above instances note that doctors were made aware of these possible events. Did any of them present those data to Mr. Haley or his company?

    If not, why?

    Sullivan    2010-07-12 14:33    #

  2. I haven't found a single post where OSR purchasers indicate that they were encouraged to call FDA with adverse event reports. The toll-free number for adverse event reports on the CTI Science website (866-788-9620) appears to be associated only with CTI Science, not with FDA; per https://www.ctiscience.com/CTIScience/ContactUs.do, it’s their Customer Service department. Regarding whether Haley’s doctor pals have relayed all reports of adverse events, there’s no way to know; that would be between them and him. Judging from Dr. Kartzinel’s statement, I would not be surprised if he and other OSR prescribers (especially those with an economic interest in selling the stuff) were inclined to dismiss and fail to submit reports of adverse events that they (prematurely and prejudicially) conclude are caused by something, anything other than OSR.

    Kathleen Seidel    2010-07-12 15:23    #

  3. The double standard is mind-boggling. I certainly recognise that these are anecdotal reports and should have been filed directly with the FDA for investigation but it is also evident that great effort has been taken by CTI to divert those complaints to his private ‘help line’ to avoid scrutiny. Using the same metric put forth by cure addicts, this would be grounds for a full-blown inquiry by regulatory bodies.

    Science Mom    2010-07-12 17:52    #

  4. Well, some of the parents quoted here may or may not have called CTI Science directly or disclosed these incidents to their doctors; there’s no way to know for sure. If they did, though, you wouldn’t know it from Haley’s public statements.

    Double checking the current requirements (which appear to be in flux), it seems that “supplement” manufacturers are currently required to provide an address and/or phone number for reports, then relay reports of "serious" adverse events to FDA, including those requiring hospitalization. If Haley had submitted OSR to the IND process as he should have done in the first place, the requirements would be much more stringent.

    Kathleen Seidel    2010-07-12 19:40    #

  5. It couldn’t possibly be that fanatic/corrupt opponents of Dr Haley have put up a load of fraudulent adverse reports on that ChelatingKids2 site in order to falsely discredit him and OSR1. It couldn’t possibly be that a “health” industry making billions from corporate scams wishes to suppress the challenge from Dr Haley’s honest efforts to help children?

    — Robin    2010-07-15 05:23    #

  6. That’s quite an entertainingly sinister scenario, but not all that likely. I reckon that if agents of the Evil Empire had managed to highjack or spoof all those email addresses for an occasional injection of subversive bogosity, the folks being impersonated would have noticed. These accounts have been accumulating for almost two years, after all.

    Kathleen Seidel    2010-07-15 07:18    #

  7. My twins were 2 of the first to begin the OSR. We saw nothing but benefits from the OSR. They had no side effects. I am a RN and watched them closely. I was never told by Boyd Haley or anyone associated with him that this would cure my twins but it was the only supplement that actually brought improvement. For those of you so quickly to read what the FDA has to say and believe them you have much research to do. Had the FDA done their job and pulled the vaccines with mercury my twins would not need the OSR!!!! Instead they want to crucify the only man that actually has tried to find something to help children and adults that truly need this supplement. The twins’ glutathione level greatly increased and toxins began to excrete. Now we can no longer get it. Thanks a bunch FDA!

    — Vicki    2010-07-29 20:41    #

  8. Vicki, I’m glad to know that your twins have thrived during the time that you have given them OSR. Other children appear not to have been so fortunate. Your satisfaction with OSR and your admiration for Boyd Haley don’t relieve him of the responsibility to conduct proper safety and efficacy testing with adults before putting it on the market.

    With your references to thimerosal-containing vaccines, you seem to be suggesting that because FDA supposedly failed to protect the public by withdrawing TCV’s from the market, FDA should also fail to protect the public by allowing Boyd Haley and his business partners to sidestep federal regulations for Investigational New Drugs and market OSR as a “dietary supplement” when it is completely synthetic. This reflects an irrational double standard. Why should it be any more acceptable for Boyd Haley to try to sidestep IND regulations than it should for GSK executives to bury adverse event reports pertaining to Avandia? Little Pharma has to play by the same rules as Big Pharma.

    Kathleen Seidel    2010-07-30 09:52    #

  9. I found a cache version of the CTI Science website with advice for people who had a possible adverse reaction to OSR.

    “What to do if you think you have a reaction to OSR#1TM

    If you have a reaction to OSR#1TM (or any food or supplement), then please do the following:

    1. Stop taking OSR#1TM immediately. 2. Take activated charcoal, which will bind OSR#1TM. Activated charcoal is available at most local pharmacies without a prescription. It should be taken in the recommended amounts. 3. Report your symptoms to your physician. 4. Do not take OSR#1TM in the future.”

    They do not recommend that the person report the issue to CTI Science and they don’t recommend that the person report the issue to the FDA.

    [cached page]

    Sullivan    2010-08-06 18:25    #

  10. I have twins one with autism one without autism. My son with autism has had severe facial rashes and extremely severe joint pain in toes and hands. My other twin has had severe all over body rashes and Strep throat , scarlet fever, both boy’s have had strep every two months that can’t be knocked down. We have given Tylenol, Motrin and antibiotics only. My twin with autism had constipation begin at two weeks of age. Constipation stopped being so severe 2 yrs. ago. It recently began again, with the breathing problems, excess mucous with no colds etc. The rashes and pain in extremities that all happen at the same time appear after a run of antibiotics, NSAIDS. My sons are not taking OSR and have all the symptoms that parent’s are describing. To a cardio. last week and he is suspecting systemic Lupus. Do you know that there is a drug induced Lupus. I believe parents need to rule out what all these children have in common or what antibiotics and NSAIDS they may be taken. I gave my one child NSAIDS daily to help with the extreme joint pain. Every time these symptoms start to subside, he gets strep again and begins antibiotics and NSAIDS for the rash and pain attacks. I am throwing all the NSAIDS , and will try to find an alternative to antibiotics to treat strep . This has been going on in my child/twins (kidney, rashes,joint pain, shortness of breath, flushing, acidic blood, etc. ) since late 2008. Explain to me how children that have never taken OSR and has nothing other than antibiotics, Tylenol and Motrin for the past two years (even eliminated daily vitamins and s foods etc.) be having the same exact (although more serious) symptoms that you are blaming on OSR. Let’s get real here.

    — Mahoney    2010-08-15 12:39    #

  11. Mahoney, when two of our three kids were having repeat strep infections the family doc took swabs from everyone (even the parents). It turned out that one child had a strep infection, but did not show any symptoms. So as soon as his siblings were rid of strep, he would re-infect them!

    Then all three kids were given antibiotics, which broke the cycle and we were finally rid of it!

    You need to find out where the infections are coming from. Discuss this with your doctor, and possibly get a referral to an pediatric infectious disease specialist.

    Oh, and rashes can come from antibiotics and airborne allergens. Again, you may need to get referred to specialists.

    — Chris    2010-08-17 19:09    #

  12. Great to see what solid credibility you give to mere anecdotes when they are on the “right” side of the controversy. Now let’s have a guess how many utterly bogus anecdotal “reports” a trillionaire pharmacorp can so easily arrange for just one piddling million dollars of its huge funds.
    But no matter, just go on believing that monetary might is right and that preventing people from getting the ideal treatment (for their med establishment dental-mercury-caused injury) is not a most outrageous evil crime. More gloating anyone? It really is such a shame that objectivity and decency of feelings are so wanting from your website. If you want me too to list you as a hero you’re going to have to pull up a sock or three, Kathleen.

    — Robin    2010-10-17 18:39    #

  13. Why should it be any more acceptable for Boyd Haley to try to sidestep IND regulations than it should for GSK executives to bury adverse event reports pertaining to Avandia?
    Because chelators are not so much like pharma-active drugs (which work like contrivedly putting a spanner in the works) but are a different class of therapy with a well-understood function of removing the toxin which certainly needs removing. Your website isn’t capable of recognising that (dental) mercury is involved because you believe the false arguments put out by Offit and co. Meanwhile, given the huge number of solid testimonies to the value of chelation and tons of evidence that the FDA contains a load of lying crooks, they have no legitimate business preventing anyone from accessing any treatment they wish, no matter where from. Land of the free? Free corporations only. And citizens in falsely criminalising chains.

    — Robin    2010-10-17 18:53    #

  14. Robin: “Because chelators are not so much like pharma-active drugs”

    Not even wrong. They are active enough to strip the blood of essential minerals like calcium, leading to death.

    “given the huge number of solid testimonies to the value of chelation”

    The plural of anecdote is not data.

    — Chris    2010-12-02 13:39    #

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