President's Message


Welcome to the Young Artist Awards. We enjoy the privilege of being the very first to establish an award show for young artists under the age of 18 in television, motion pictures, theater and music.

During my long standing membership in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes), I became more aware that the majority of young stars were not receiving the recognition enjoyed by seasoned performers. Two cases in point were Ricky Schroder for "The Champ" and Justin Henry for "Kramer vs. Kramer", in which they were both placed in the same categories as their adult counterparts. As a champion of youth, I commended the fact that they were at least nominated, but I felt that young artists should have their own special award show.

As part of the program I envisioned, I also wanted to commit myself to promoting wholesome family entertainment by awarding films and television shows who dedicate themselves to that goal. Thus, besides nominating young artists, we also nominate national and international films, television movies and series.

In addition, through contributions from supporters like yourself, we established a scholarship fund for physically and/or financially challenged young artists, who, without this assistance, would find it difficult to pursue their dream of a career in the performing arts.

Thank you for your interest and support of our Young Artist Awards.


Maureen Dragone
President and Founder 

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