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01/01/13Happy New Year! Action! comm5
25/11/12Ticker update comm1
14/11/12New method withdrawal USD comm8
30/10/12Updating comm7
28/10/12WebMoney purse locked. comm22
30/09/12Protection against unauthorized withdrawal. comm5
11/09/12Update commissions withdrawal + CreditCard comm19
03/09/12Update commissions deposit & withdrawal + add new methods withdrawal comm7
17/08/12Opening of trade BTC/RUR! comm10
07/08/127 August 2012 is the BTC-E Anniversary! comm17
01/08/12Trade API comm57
31/07/12Opening of trade. comm11
31/07/12Trade is stopped comm22
25/07/12Disabling LTC deposit & withdrawal until 07/26/2012 comm9
21/07/12Protection against unauthorized withdrawal. comm7
20/07/12Advertising chat & pm! comm5
20/07/12Liqpay comm5
16/07/12Closing the trading of currency pairs, SC/BTC comm11
03/07/12Upgrade Exchange. comm7
11/06/12Update methods of deposit and withdrawal USD. comm6
18/05/12Update methods of deposit and withdrawal USD. comm7
03/04/12Closing the trading of currency pairs, RUC/USD and the SC/USD comm5
30/03/12BitInstant comm10
06/03/12BTC-e Code comm9
05/03/12Commission webmoney! comm2
28/02/12Change purse webmoney!!! comm3
14/02/12CSRF bug fixed comm3
03/02/12Close of trading on the crypto-currencies of the FBX, TBX comm13
23/01/12Bug with the cancellation of orders. comm6
23/01/12Launch of new trading crypto-currencies RealCoin comm12
18/01/12Close of trading on the crypto-currencies of the GG, I0C, CLC, DVC, IXC comm10
08/01/12NameCoin update comm12
05/01/12Withdrawal PayPal to 1% comm8
31/12/11The new limits on withdrawal. comm3
28/12/11New Year's gift! comm2
24/12/11Start trading - iXcoin i0coin comm3
23/12/11Restored the work of all currencies. comm8
13/12/11Moving Exchange to new server hardware. comm14
18/11/11Works deposits/withdrawals Litecoin comm52
16/11/11Litecoin deposits/withdrawals comm4
02/11/11Update comm1
25/10/11Was changed password hashing algorithm comm0
25/10/11Start trading on a pairs of BTC/RUB, LTC/USD, RUC/RUB, USD/RUB! comm6
20/10/11Special Offer: Get 0% fee! comm6
18/10/11Start trading on NameCoin comm0
16/10/11Updates on 10/16/2011 comm14
11/10/11Start trading on SolidCoin 2 comm0
30/09/11Start trading on a pair of TBX / BTC comm0
30/09/11Updates on 10/01/2011 comm0
29/09/11Start trading on a pair of GG / BTC comm0
29/09/11Close of trading on the currency iXcoin comm0
13/09/11Added new ways to deposit USD comm7
13/09/11Temporarily close the deposit and withdrawal SC comm4
12/09/11Start trading on a pair of SC / USD comm0
08/09/11Close of trading on the currency I0coin comm0
01/09/11Last updated on 01/09/2011 comm0
31/08/11Update the commission on trading operations BitСoin / USD comm8
22/08/11Added new methods of withdrawal USD comm0
22/08/11Liberty Reserve сommission 1% comm0
20/08/11Last updated on 08/21/2011 comm4
17/08/11Start trading - I0coin <-> Bitcoin comm0
16/08/11Start trading in pairs IXC / BTC, IXC / USD, I0C/BTC comm0
15/08/11The English version is tested comm1
14/08/11The English version is tested comm0
13/08/11The English version is tested comm0
12/08/11 comm2
11/08/11 comm0
10/08/11 comm0
08/08/11 comm0
03/08/11 comm1
24/07/11 comm0
18/07/11 comm6
13/07/11 comm0
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