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Depth Beyond One's Monuments of controllDepth Beyond Ones: Monuments of control

24/08/12  ||  Averatu

I guess this would be an EP. Two interesting tracks of self-indulgent fusion somewhere between Frank Zappa, Dillinger Escape Plan and Soft Machine, at times almost a calculated study in odd time meters. This stuff would probably be called jazz djent these days, but do we really need more ultra confusing subgenres that sound exactly like, yet for some reason are not quite similar to other subgenres. Shall we call this, jazz prog, fusion djent, jadjent, razazz folk djent? Better get it right or those djensters will cram my mailbox with hate-spam. As can be expected from the Finnish we have really impressive instrumental performances, especially the drums and bass, but like an impersonal abstract artwork it lacks emotional impact.

One track of grandpas guitar and vocals, which I suppose is the folk part. This is a really pretty song, even with the heavy Scando accent. The cover looks like a drawing that was crumpled up in frustration and thrown in waste paper basket, then pulled from said waste paper basket and recycled as album art, I guess that batch of long winter kiljou was particularly good.

The outro speech was a bit totally retarded my son.

6,5: Not a waste of time, not a must have.