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    French planes strike Mali rebel stronghold of Gao

    PARIS (Reuters) - French fighter jets and attack helicopters bombed rebel positions in the Malian town of Gao on Sunday, residents said, as France pushed its military campaign towards northern Islamist strongholds.

    "Two helicopters are bombarding the positions of the Islamists, who are trying to fight back," said resident Soumaila Maiga. "The planes are so fast you only hear their sound in the sky."

    A spokesman for Ansar Dine, one of the main Islamist factions, said French aircraft had also attacked its positions in the smaller towns of Lere and Douentza, further south.

    (Reporting by Adama Diarra and Tiemoko Diallo; writing by Daniel Flynn)


    • Marc  •  4 days ago
      Go France!!
    • Marc  •  4 days ago
      First France (and the UK) bury Ghaddafi in Libya, now France eliminates Al Quaeda in Mali in days. Professionalism and effectiveness only a former global Empire can deliver.
    • Del  •  4 days ago
      I am waiting to see how well the muslims fare against the Chinese,should they become foolish enough to try doing them harm.
    • American  •  4 days ago
      Boy, this is encouraging. They have to go all the way, though. If they stop before the cancer is totally removed, it will just reappear and spread again. Don't fall for a negotiated truce; they have to be obliterated. Hats off to the French!
    • J. V. DZUGASHVILI  •  4 days ago
      Once the Ansar crazies are chased into the open desert, they will be as easy to wipe out as ants on a plate. Napalm coming to your hideouts soon, Ansars !
    • slapshot  •  4 days ago
    • Panther  •  4 days ago
      Islam is stronger that the west. The west has placed so much emphasis on secularism and straying away from religion. Up to a degree it worked, but now the West is learning that religion will always be here. How do you defeat an enemy that answers only to God. . .you don't you have an ever ending war
    • Joseph  •  4 days ago
      long live the country
    • Heolias  •  4 days ago
      Vive la France !!!