• I Heart Satan – $6.00
    Lucifer left the eternal bliss of Heaven so that his children on Earth might live with his guidance and beneficence. Show your love for He who sacrificed so much for you with this lovely 1 inch diameter “I *Heart* Satan” pin.

  • Baphomet Inverted Pentagram Necklace Black Metal Dimmu – $25.00
    Be the life of any social gathering with this sure-fire conversation-starting Baphomet inverted pentagram necklace. A 2” pendant with 20 inch chain, this high quality pewter accoutrement says, “I’m with Satan” with style.

  • Pentacle Altar Cloth – $30.00
    Don’t let a worn or dusty altar ruin your ritual gathering or cause you embarrassment any longer. This 36” x 36” altar cloth will spruce up the most ancient of well-worn altars, adding the panache of a lovely golden celtic border that will be the talk of your coven. (Note: Cloth, as pictured, is upside down.)

  • Crowley Wall Clock – $35.00
    Do What Thou Wilt, but do it when you wilt and get it done on time with this handsome 10” Aleister Crowley wall clock.

  • Pentagram Watch – $50.00
    It is always 666 o’clock with this striking roman numeraled unisex pentagram watch. Casing measures 1.25″ (3.2cm) in diameter, 6mm thickness. The watch band fits most wrists from approx. 6.5″ to 8″ (16.5cm – 20cm), made of stainless steel, easily adjusted.

  • Pentagram Boxers – $30.00
    Underwear from the Underworld. 100% cotton with an open fly for those occasions when you need to release the Beast from within! (S/M/L/XL)

  • Satan Fish Women’s Briefs – $30.00
    Ladies: let your body be your Satanic Temple with these fetching cotton/spandex blend form fitting Satan Fish briefs by American Apparel. (S/M/L,XL)

  • Pentacle Leather Journal – $50.00
    Do you forget lines during rituals? Do you have trouble speaking backwards? We all do. However, no need for tacky note cards or spiral bound notebooks to undermine the ambiance of your home Temple. 7” high, 5” wide, 1 ⅛ inches thick, this pentacle impressed leather journal ads the air of a sacred occultic tome to any Satanic proceeding.

  • Hail Satan Hoodie – $90.00
    A greeting, a goodbye, an affirmation of Faith. What more needs be said than “Hail Satan”? A warm hooded pullover sweatshirt, low-pill/high-stitch density fleece with a 100% cotton face with Spandex-reinforced cuffs, collar and waistband. Small — 2x Large sizes. Hail Satan!

  • Robes – $130.00
    Tired of making due with bathrobes and other makeshift ritual accoutrements? Finally, here’s a robe specifically designed for the ritual chamber, while still perfect for lounging in your house or temple. Heavy and loose-fitting, these ritual robes can cover up to 6’6” and 300+ lbs of Satanist.