Guide Conflict-of-Interest Policy

At, we provide advice and information that are not only practical but trustworthy. In order to maintain credibility, we adhere to two guiding principles:

Objectivity: Our Guides don't give preferential treatment to any outside resource (publication, video, affiliate, website), based on their relationship with the person or company who authors or owns that resource.

Full Disclosure: Our Guides always disclose any relationship with a source that may compromise their objectivity.

Guide Review Policy

As is common in the publishing industry, our Guides often have free access to products or services to review. Guides may keep low-cost items, such as books, DVDs, CDs and software, for their own personal libraries but not for resale. They may also receive free access to services or events (such as movie screenings) for the purpose of writing reviews or otherwise informing their readers. Guides return all review or demo items with a value exceeding $100.

In addition, as is common in the travel industry, Travel Guides may receive free food, lodging, or travel for the purpose of reviewing those services. However, these perks will not influence the coverage on

Beginning in November 2009, we require our Guides to provide full disclosure about any free products or services they have received, so the reader can make a decision knowing all the facts.

Health Channel Policy

Guide Selection: All our guides have been selected according to their experience and their expertise. How to be a guide.

Medical Review Process: All original Articles are created by expert Guides and are reviewed by our medical review board prior to publication. All Third Party Content is obtained from third-party providers whose editorial processes have been evaluated and deemed acceptable. Sources of third-party content include: government agencies, not-for-profit foundations, and professional medical publishers of health information.

Advertising Policy

All advertising content is clearly distinguished from the editorial content by the following labels: advertisement, sponsored links, ads. We do not accept illegal advertisements or any advertisement that feels is objectionable or in bad taste.

Ecommerce Disclosure: Some of our Guides participate in third-party affiliate programs or are compensated for links to our ecommerce partners such as PriceGrabber. The purpose of these programs is to standardize our linking policies and help readers make informed purchase decisions.

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