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Crochet Photos

You're invited to browse through our crochet photo galleries to find inspiration, project ideas, and more.

Pictures of Crochet Stitches

Want to try a new crochet stitch? Whether you're a total beginner wanting to learn the basics, or an experienced crocheter looking for something new and different to work on, you'll find lots of interesting stitches to inspire you.

Crochet Pictures

Visit our crochet photo galleries. We've posted many close-up photos of crochet work, including crochet stitches, crochet projects, and crochet technique how-to pictures. These pictures are useful if you'd like to learn crochet; they're also valuable if you are hunting for a new crochet project to work on.

Crochet Flower Pictures

Feast your eyes on lots of pictures of glorious crocheted flowers. This photo gallery is is filled with floral eye candy! If you see a flower you want to make, you'll also find free crochet patterns and / or tutorials so you can create your own.

Picture Gallery: Simple Crocheted Accessories

Check out large pictures of an easy set of coordinating fashion accessories for ladies: beanie, scarf, fingerless gloves and headband.

Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Pictures

If you're looking for an easy yet stylish baby blanket to start crocheting, check out this image gallery to see pictures of a blanket I'd recommend.

Mesh Scarf Pictures

This picture gallery includes multiple large, close-up photos of the easy mesh scarf, which is available on our website as a free crochet pattern.

Amy's Scarf of Many Colors -- Photos and Free Crochet Chart

Combine bright colors of scrap yarn with a reassuring neutral beige color to crochet this vibrant multicolored scarf. The scarf is included in our collection of rainbow crochet patterns. You can see photos and get the free chart and crochet pattern here on our website.

Snowflake Applique Photos and Crochet Charts

I've used this lovely snowflake applique to embellish a crocheted potholder. Take a look at this photo gallery to find large pictures of the applique and the potholder, plus find the free chart for crocheting the potholder.

Nested Checkerboard Afghan Squares -- Photos and Free Charts

This photo gallery contains photos of several large afghan squares; additionally, you'll find the free charts for crocheting the squares, as well as several ideas for using the squares to crochet baby afghans.

Pictures of Checkerboard Afghan Squares

Find pictures of large checkerboard baby afghan squares, plus get the free chart for crocheting the checkerboard design.

Crochet Project Photos Featuring Diagonal Stripes

I've used this diagonal stripes pattern to create afghan squares and a couple of potholders in different colorways. It's amazing how different they look after a simple color change; a red and white version resembles a Christmas candy cane; a blue and green version is reminiscent of summer time. See pictures and get the free charts for crocheting these projects.

Patchwork Baby Afghan Photos

Find a variety of different color ideas for crocheting a patchwork baby afghan. The free crochet patterns and charts are available through our web site.

Menswear Hat and Scarf Set

Browse through this image gallery to see photos of a hat and scarf set designed just for men. You'll also find a couple of close-up pictures of the crochet stitches used. If you'd like to learn a new guy-friendly crochet stitch, be sure to take a look.

Colorways of a Striped Checkerboard Baby Afghan Square

This baby afghan square is one of my favorites. It's a variation on a checkerboard design. I went a bit crazy crocheting different color variations for it; if you'd like to crochet a baby afghan, you're invited to take a peek.

Colorways for the Striped Heart Baby Afghan Square

Be inspired by a wide variety of color choices for the striped heart baby afghan square.

Crochet Granny Square With Aster Flower

Get an eyeful of this gorgeous granny square with an aster flower in the center of the design. The large picture on this page accompanies our free crochet granny square pattern.

Image Gallery of Free Downloadable Graph Papers

Want to design your own crochet charts or knitting charts? If so, you're invited to download any of our free graph papers. If you'd like to knit from one of our free crochet charts, you could use our knitter's graph paper for converting it.

Pictures of Our Square Wine Bottle Cozy Designs

Check out these pictures of our square wine bottle cozies. The free crochet patterns are available on our website.

Large Pictures of the Mini Checkerboard Afghan Squares

This gallery includes pictures of the mini checkerboard afghan squares, plus free charts you can use to crochet the designs. These squares work with other similar patterned squares, so you can use them to make an interesting afghan or other unique crochet project.

Whip Stitch Pictures

See step-by-step pictures showing you how to whip stitch two crocheted pieces together.

Lace Scarf Pictures

In this picture gallery, you'll find several photos of a cotton thread crochet scarf; browse through a couple of close-ups of the picot stitch edging and lace stitches used, plus see a large picture of the completed scarf.

Subtle Striped Eyelash Yarn Scarf Pictures

This image gallery serves a couple of different purposes. First, it showcases the subtle striped eyelash yarn scarf; the free crochet pattern for this project is available on our website. You'll find the link to the pattern if you check out any of the images in this gallery. Second, these photos will give you several different ideas for how to wear long scarves. I had my husband take these photos of me wearing actual clothing from my own wardrobe, so you can see how the scarf looks when worn by a "real person." I wish we could all be dressed by stylists, like the models in magazines are. But the reality is that, when we're planning our crochet projects, we need ideas for items we can actually use -- not fantasy items that only look good with designer clothing. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures.

How to Do a Single Crochet Spike Stitch

See step-by-step photos of how to crochet a spike stitch.

Mens Headband Photos

If you'd like to make a crochet project for a guy, check out this image gallery to see if our men's headband pattern would be a design that suits his tastes.

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