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Beaded Crochet Necklace With Dichroic Glass Pendant -- Free Pattern

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Bead Crochet Necklace With Dichroic Glass Pendant

Bead Crochet Necklace With Dichroic Glass Pendant

Photo © Amy Solovay

Project Description:

Jewelry lovers are sure to enjoy creating, and wearing, this stunning beaded crochet necklace.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Larger Necklace Photo:

I've posted a larger photo of the beaded necklace for your convenience. Hopefully the large picture will help if you'd like to take a closer look at the necklace details.

Beaded Crochet Necklace Tutorial

This tutorial will help you visualize each step in the process of crocheting this necklace.


Dichroic Glass Pendant:

The focal point of this necklace is a sparkly handmade dichroic glass pendant. My pendant features a gorgeous array of colors in shades of aqua, blue, turquoise, orange and peach.

These pendants are handmade and no two are exactly alike. So, you probably won't be able to find one quite like the sample, but there are many amazing possibilities. Choose a pendant in colors that appeal to you, and then purchase your other supplies to coordinate with it.

Where to Buy Dichroic Glass Pendants:

If you have access to a kiln, you can make your own dichroic glass pendant.

Otherwise, you can buy a dichroic glass pendant:

  • Check your local phone directory to see if there are any artists in your area who make and sell dichroic glass pendants.
  • Compare prices on dichroic glass pendants at pricegrabber.
  • See handmade dichroic glass pendants from independent sellers at Etsy

If dichroic glass pendants don’t appeal to you, feel free to substitute any other type of pendant that does.

Metallic Embroidery Floss:

1 - 2 skeins (8 m / 8.7 yards) of DMC Light Effects embroidery floss.

If you’d like to buy (or research) this floss online, you can compare prices at Pricegrabber.

The colorway I used to make the sample necklace is called "Tropical Delight," which is a light gold with shimmery aqua and blue highlights. There are many different metallic floss colors available, so choose one that coordinates well with your pendant.

Feel free to substitute a different brand if you prefer, but keep in mind that the floss you choose needs to be strong enough to support the beads you’ll be using.


To make the sample necklace, I used 81 6/0 seed beads by Blue Moon Beads. My beads are made of blue glass.

You can view photos of the beads and DMC metallic embroidery floss I used.

Crochet Hook:

Size C / 2.5 mm, or your preferred size

Clasp or Closure:

You’ll need some sort of closure for your necklace. I’ve used a lobster claw clasp for mine.



Necklace Measurement -- Finished Size:

My sample necklace measures 14 inches long, which for me is a comfortable choker length.

I was able to make my necklace using only 1 skein of Light Effects metallic floss; not much was left over (only a few inches.) You can easily make this necklace as long as you like, but be aware that you’ll need more than one skein of floss if you decide to make it longer.

Beaded Chain Stitch:

  • Slide a bead right up next to your work so that it is touching the piece in progress.

  • Tug gently at the active loop on your crochet hook and enlarge the loop until it is just slightly shorter than your bead. You don’t want the bead to go through the loop, but you want the loop to be a comfortable length for completing the stitch.

  • Then work your chain stitch. You’ll work it just as you usually would, except that there’s a bead in there; just reach overtop of the bead, grab your yarn and pull the loop through.

Beaded Slip Stitch

  • Slide a bead close to the work.

  • Work your slip stitch. Again, you’ll work it just as you usually would, except that there’s a bead in it.

Abbreviations Used in This Pattern:

Design Note:

Starting with row 1, you’re going to work into every stitch, whether it has a bead in it or not.

Project Instructions:

String your beads onto your metallic embroidery floss.

Foundation Chain: (Ch 3, work 1 beaded ch st) repeat until your chain is the length desired, then work 3 more ch sts. My sample necklace had 28 beads at this point – 115 sts all together.

Row 1: Sl st in 2nd ch from hook, work 4 more sl sts for a total of 5, (work 1 beaded sl st, 3 sl sts.) Repeat sequence in parentheses all the way across the row.

Row 2: Turn work without working a turning chain, (3 sl sts, 1 beaded sl st) Repeat sequence in parentheses all the way across the row.

End off, leaving enough of a tail of yarn to use for attaching the necklace closure.

Attach the pieces of the closure to either side of the necklace. Weave in the ends of any remaining floss.

Wear the necklace and enjoy it, or give it as a gift.

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