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Press releases

Anatolian Shepherd Dog / Kangal Dog

At the October 2011 ANKC Ltd Board meeting it was resolved that as from 1 January 2012 all Kangal Dogs on the national database will be changed to Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.

There are 340 animals registered as Kangal Dogs within the database of which 55 of those animals have notes “1998 changed from Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to Kangal Dogs”.

Those 55 animals have been changed manually from Kangal Dogs to Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in order to retain the previous notes and a further note placed on each of the records “2011 changed from Kangal Dog to Anatolian Shepherd Dog”. The remaining 285 animals have been changed in the background and notes placed within each individual record.

The Kangal Dog has been removed from the ANKC Ltd Group listing and the breed standard has also been removed from the ANKC Ltd website as the breed is no longer recognised.


Tracey Barry
Australian National Kennel Council Ltd
March 2012

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