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The major portion of my presentation here are my views on religion. To view this book just click on the appropriate reference below


My beliefs

The 28 Commandments Taken in the proper spirit (liberal), these can serve you in life. Just don't enshrine them as sacred. No specific rules should be so enshrined.


My interest in astronomy and the calendar, and a desire to practice JavaScript, led to my
Chinese New Year Program in which you can find out in what year in the Chinese cycle you were born (even if you have a January or February birthday).
My interest in square dancing and mathematics, and a desire to practice stereoscopic animation, led to my
Cube Dance Stereo Views which show 3-Dimensional (stereoscopic) diagrams, in motion, of what could be a spatial activity in weightlessness--cube dancing.
A picture of myself with just-completed (in 1999) painting of Stonehenge, made at Diane LaWare's art class. This is my sixth painting using Bob Ross's wet-on-wet technique, taught in Verona, NJ, by Diane LaWare.

Some of my favorite sites:

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Dr. Mike Ecker's REC (Recreational and Educational Computing). Mathematical recreations and computing.

My astronomical software can be found at Zephyr Services including

Eclipse Complete
SunTrakker Super
Eclipse WinMapper
Eclipse Master
Nite Mapper Pro 2
Astro Fonts

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