39th Annual Origins Awards


39th Annual Origins Awards submissions are closed!

Submissions for 39th Origins Awards are open! All games, game-related products, and accessories released between November 16, 2011 and November 15, 2012 are eligible for the 39th Annual Origins Awards. We are also accepting submissions for the Origins Awards at ANY TIME throughout the year. If people have a product that they want to submit, they need not wait until the last minute to do so. The deadline for this year's submissions is December 15, 2012. All submitted products must be postmarked by this date.

Award Submissions


Submitting games for consideration is as simple as filling out the Origins Awards Submission Form  or filling out the Online Submission Form. Return this form by mail or fax to:

The Game Manufacturers Association
c/o Origins Award Submissions
240 North Fifth Street, Suite 340
Columbus, OH 43215 USA

Fax: 614-255-4499


When submitting products in physical form, please ship 7 copies of each product to the address below. If submitting products in electronic form, please ship 2 (TWO) physical, manufactured copies of the product submitted to the address below. These copies will be used for marketing and display purposes at the Origins Game Fair where the final voting for the Origins Awards takes place. The remaining copies may be electronic versions of the product, including but not limited to PDFs or Epub files. These electronic copies should represent the physical product to the best level possible, and allow the jurors to fully experience the game or product.

FRED Distribution
c/o Origins Award Submissions
801 Commerce Drive #5
Leitchfield, KY 42754 USA

Downloading instructions for electronic submissions should be sent to academychair@gama.org.


The 38th Annual Origins Awards Winners

The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design is proud to announce the winners for the 38th Annual Origins Awards.

The Origins Awards are presented annually by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design to recognize outstanding achievement in design and production of games and game-related products.

The winners were voted on by attendees at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH on May 30th – June 3rd from the nominees in each category chosen by retailers at the GAMA Trade Show. The winners were announced and the coveted Calliope statues were presented at the Origins Awards Ceremony on the evening of Saturday, June 2nd.

The Academy would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to the jury members, GAMA staff, and everyone who submitted a product to the 38th annual Origins Awards.

Best Roleplaying Game

Arcanis - Paradigm Concepts - Eric Wiener, Pedro Barrenechea, and Henry Lopez

Best Roleplaying Supplement or Adventure

Shadows over Scotland (Call of Cthulhu) - Cubicle 7 Entertainment - Stuart Boon

Best Board Game

Conquest of Nerath - Wizards of the Coast - Richard Baker, Mons Johnson, & Peter Lee

Best Traditional Card Game

NUTS! - Wildfire LLC - Matthew Grau

Best Family, Party or Children’s Game

Get Bit! - Mayday Games - Dave Chalker

Best Miniatures Figure or Line

Storm Strider - Privateer Press

Best Miniatures Rules or Expansion

Battletech: The Wars of Reaving - Catalyst Game Labs - Ben H. Rome, Herbert A. Beas, Paul Sjardijn

Best Collectible Card Game or Expansion

Magic the Gathering : Innistrad - Wizards of the Coast

Best Game Accessory

Shadowrun Runner’s Toolkit - Catalyst Game Labs - Elissa Carey, Rusty Childers, Cole Davidson, Mark Dynna, Adam Jury, Robyn King-Nitschke, Adam Large, Drew Littell, Elizabeth Nold, Brandie Tarvin, Peter Taylor, Malik Toms, Michael Wich, Russell Zimmerman

Best Game-Related Publication

The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design - Open Design LLC - Mike Selinker with Rob Daviau, James Ernest, Matt Forbeck, Richard Garfield, Dave Howell, Steve Jackson, John Kovalic, Richard C. Levy, Andrew Looney, Michelle Nephew, Paul Peterson, Lisa Steenson, Jeff Tidball, Teeuwynn Woodruff, and Dale Yu

Best Historical Board Game


Strike of the Eagle - Academy Games -Brian Bennett, Uwe Eickert, Robert Żak

Best Historical Miniatures Rules or Expansion

Flames of War: Cassino - Battlefront Miniatures Ltd. -  Battlefront Miniatures Ltd.

 Best Historical Miniatures Figure or Line

Bolt Action WW2 - Warlord Games

Best Play by Mail or Correspondance Game

Heroic Fantasy - Flying Buffalo Inc - Rick Loomis and Steve MacGregor  


Award Contacts

If you have any questions about the Origins Awards you can contact:
John Ward (Academy Chair)
Jonda Crutcher (Academy Secretary)

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