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Some people cannot tell the difference between a hydroponic and an Aquaponic Garden. Well, you can’t really blame them because these 2 share a lot of similarities. Also, many sites associate them closely which makes it hard to tell them apart.

To help you distinguish their uniqueness from each other, here are some quick facts that you should know about:

  1. Definition

Hydroponics is only a component of the latter. So it is only a part of a much bigger process. Simply, hydroponics consists of the way that plants are grown. On the other hand, the other component consists of growing fishes. Basically, the fishes serve as a provider of nutrients for the plants through their waste products. Then the plants play an important role in replenishing the water for the fishes.

  1. Time It Takes For Setup

Since a hydroponic greenhouse is only a part a much bigger process, it is easier to set up. You only need to put nutrients in the water and you are done. On the other hand, the latter takes more time to make because you have to farm a huge deposit of nitrifying bacteria first, which will be responsible in converting fish waste into nutrients.

  1. How It Bonds With Bacteria

Hydroponic systems should be kept free from other microorganisms since they only rely heavily on nutrients. However, the other relies heavily on bacteria. This is because it gets its nourishment from bacteria deposits.

  1. Cycle

For this one, the first only needs circulation every 4 or 6 hours. The other, however, needs a continuous cycle every 15 minutes, since huge amounts of waste can poison the fish.

  1. Requirements

As discussed, hydroponics purely relies on nutrients, while the other one works in contrast. The latter needs a steady balance in the nourishment of the fish and the plants to maintain their ecosystem.

The Importance Of This

Knowing the difference between a hydroponic from an aquaponic garden will let you determine what you really need. It will also prevent you from interchanging these terms when doing research. Of course, this will save you from embarrassment too if you are discussing these systems with people who know a great deal about them. Why don’t you get more information about this to widen your knowledge?

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A hydroponic method is very much different from aquaponic gardening. They differ in definition, setup, compatibility with microorganisms, cycling process, and requirements.

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