Finding London property is one thing, but quite another is…

Settling Into London Property

We stick with you from start to finish—and we don’t consider it “finished” until your assignees are safe, sound, and able to stand on their own. We:

  • Are expatriates who have moved to the UK, too, so we understand the importance of making a London property a true home
  • Specialize in London only so are well-versed on all the local options for goods and services
  • Look out for people as much as London property—family members accompanying your staff need to feel settled, too.

Common Concerns When Adjusting to London Property and Life

In many respects, an international relocation means starting over. It’s getting adjusted to:

  • A new country’s culture and policy
  • A new office and staff
  • A new house or apartment

Even small concerns like figuring out where to buy milk, light bulbs, or other home necessities can make life as one knew it feel like an alternate universe.

Who Else is Affected?

International relocation is a lot of change and stress for anyone as home comforts are forsaken. For professionals initiating the relocation, at the very least their job maintains a sense of responsibility, achievement, and provides a work community to belong to.

Yet even this security is threatened when all is not happy at home. Regardless if a couple shares equal enthusiasm for their new adventure together, having to redefine one’s self in support of a loved one’s job is a struggle when:

  • Leaving behind an existing support network of family and friends
  • Leaving behind an established, familiar house and lifestyle (particularly tough for those trading a large home for small London property)
  • Interrupting one’s own career path
  • Encountering difficulty finding new employment
  • Facing financial hardship due to higher cost of living and/or loss of second income
  • Being tasked with the search for London property because one’s partner has to work

This substantial setback for an employee’s family tends to likewise negatively impact work productivity.

We’ll Be Your Security Blanket

As expatriates, we understand what type of logistical and emotional support your relocating staff needs. We’ll get them sorted in their personal environment so they can thrive in their work one by:

  • Moving employees into a London property as soon as one to three days (or as far out as four to six weeks) – whatever is required
  • Opening a UK bank account same day as application to facilitate lease signing and deposit/first month’s rent payment for London property
  • Offering referrals for (and guidance with) utility service providers

Once the client’s London property is secured, we further advise on:

  • Council taxes, TV licenses, and other UK-specific fees and policies
  • Gym facilities and good park paths for running
  • Shops for purchasing personal touches for home and office, business and casual apparel, or tailoring services
  • Travel agencies, car hire, and other transport/hospitality services for planning business trips or personal holidays

We also offer personalized spouse and partner support, flexibly tailored to needs on a case-by-case basis. For instance:

  • Personally guided area and amenity orientation
  • Social and sporting clubs
  • Job-search resources
  • Life coaching

We’re Your Local Support Network

As your company’s total relocation solution, we go above and beyond mere London property searches to truly help employees and their families feel settled in their UK lives. We stay in continuous contact with assignees and HR alike to field any questions or concerns you may have going forward, be it concerning London property or personal transition.

Because we’ve also moved to the UK, we take your corporate relocation to heart and are here even if our clients simply want to chat (vent) over a pint. It’s all in the spirit of making the unfamiliar friendly and a London property a home.