‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Flying to Chicago for Shooting; Military Equipment

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superman the man of steel shooting in chicago

Casting announcements for principle roles in Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel have been streaming-in lately, with Clark Kent/Superman (Henry Caville), Lois Lane (Amy Adams), as well as Martha and Jonathan Kent (Diane Lane and Kevin Costner) already on-board.

Now it appears as though the Man of Steel team has settled on one other key actor… the city of Chicago.

The Calgary Herald reports (thanks to SR reader, Nicolas) that Alberta, Canada lost the contract for a Superman: Man of Steel unit shoot to the Windy City – because they didn’t have enough “big cargo planes” and “attack helicopters.” Further proof that the reboot could be Snyder’s “most realistic film to date.”

According to the Alberta minister of culture, Lindsay Blackett:

“They said our incentives were fine, in fact our incentives were superior to what they were being offered in terms of money in Illinois. But they needed an aircraft carrier, they needed jets — which we have — but they needed big cargo planes that we don’t have. They also wanted attack helicopters which we don’t have. The U.S. military was willing to accommodate whatever they wanted and we couldn’t do that.”

The Calgary Herald reports that the Chicago shoot is a unit project – meaning it could just be a lot of establishing shots as well as cutaways and may not necessarily include principal cast members. That said, it’s encouraging to hear that the Man of Steel script includes a large-scale threat that would require dispatching an aircraft carrier and attack helicopters – not to mention significant local construction.

IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) Local 212 President, Damian Petti, added that -despite the limited number of shooting days – had filming been held in Alberta, it would have included a pair of significant constructions that could have meant a lot of work for local builders:

“We had heard there would have been a lot of construction attached to it. So there would have been work for non-shooting crew as well. It was going to be two pieces. The build might be longer than the shoot.”

Of course, what exactly the team would have needed built is anyone’s guess.

transformers 3 chicago crater 1

Transformers 3 Shoot in Chicago

Regardless, the unit production is headed to Transformers 3 and Dark Knight alumni Chicago – which is making a real name for itself lately as the go-to backdrop for big-budget projects. Whether or not the unit will shoot in the actual city or in the oft-rumored Plano area is unknown at this point. It’s also likely the Plano rumor, which would be a great location for the Kent farm, could be an entirely separate shoot (as that one is expected to run ten or more weeks).

Any supremely disappointed Canadian readers shouldn’t feel too slighted, principle production on the Man of Steel is still expected to take place this summer in Vancouver.

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Superman: Man of Steel is produced by Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder, and is set to hit theaters in December 2012.

Source: Calgary Herald

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  1. Metropolis and Gotham City

    Suck it NY

    Go Cubs

    • Go Cubs, indeed.

      I wonder if the “large-scale threat that would require dispatching an aircraft carrier and attack helicopters” is going to be Superman himself. You don’t think we’d loose our $h!t if a person came along with the powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men?

      • @ Eric

        I actually really like that idea. Superman surrounded by an enormous batch of U.S. Military vehicles.

        That said, I still hope that whoever the villain ends up being – we still get some “large-scale” action.

      • Totally agree. Especially with the political climate the way it is. You’ve got my vote.

  2. Chicago is popular these days

  3. I’m not sure if the SR staff heard about this or not, but I read an article on Cinema Blend tonight with an interview bit from Snyder saying that Man of Steel will NOT be part of any Justice League crossover.


    I’m extremely happy about this. I would prefer for DC to have each hero be its own separate movie series… at least for now.

  4. Aircraft carriers? Attack helicopters? Holy hell O_o

  5. The scope of the requirements makes me happy. :)


  6. I’m very happy at all these information coming out for this movie, it’s about time, “GOOD JOB” guys.

  7. i hope the end fight follows que to the one from incredible hulk (ed norton’s one) but goes on for longer. i know superman isn’t all about the action and that there is a story behind him (never cared for the character b/c he’s pretty much indestructible and onyl has like one weakness) but it would be cool if they had a coupe of good action scenes to show people just what he’s capable of (instead of just assisting in a panes landing and fighting a giant rock)

  8. I am from the Chicago area and they have been reporting this possibility for a couple days now. The link is below. In the article, while not officially confirmed as of March 29th, they have specifically mentioned a town called Plano which would seem to fit the mold or at least be similar to Smallville or a place to find the Kent far. This would seem to me to indicate that it is more than a “unit project”, but either way this is a good thing for Chicago.


  9. How awesome would it be if Superman is an enemy of the state.

    Seriously would that be realistic kung fu panda or what? :)

    Think outside your comic book realm my peeps. :)

  10. Superman is going to clean up Chicago corruption…. Superman the Man of Steel a Conservative!!!

  11. Realistically Superman would be attacked by the military. I don’t know how he would fight back except for just taking blows and throwing missiles into space! Which would be awesome! Maybe it could be because BRAINIAC is controlling a fleet of military vehicles to fight Supes with. Also I don’t care if Suckerpunch was panned by critics. I thought it wa visually incredible, even if Man of Steels story is so-so a least it will have some badass action in it.

  12. I guess that’s possible if like in Superman/Batman Public Enemies::SPOILER ALERT:: Lex Luthor became the president and framed him for a crime

  13. Wes,,,

    How cool would it be if Snyder disreguarded the Smallville/comic canon and made Superman a alien that was misundertood at fist???
    I’d love to see a new take on the origin of Clark Kent. What if he’s hiding on Earth and has to reveal himself due to a (insert classic alien villain here). He would be at first taken as a threat. He would be an anti hero at first. Wow that would be epic.

    What a awesome duel reality. A threat to humanity, savoir?, a mild manered reporter.

    • It wouldnt be cool at all. Although Superman has often been regarded as a threat in the comics and in Smallville, he has never been an anti hero. That’s crazy talk little robot.

  14. I love that somewhere in Canada they have an Aircraft Carrier set.

    Holly poop!

  15. So does that mean Metropolis will have that same generic city feel that Gotham did in The Dark Knight? Devoid of personality.

  16. @lord Garth….yeah ok chicago has bragging rights for metropolis and Gotham, but in the end you will never come close to Ny in Any way. New York IS Gotham. NY is the greatest city in the world, everyone else is just playing catch up. So tell me lord Garth…how does it feel to know that ur city will always be a second rate NY? Suck on that coney island dog.

    LEt’s Go Yankees

  17. How dare you, Man Bag?!

    • Ha!

  18. What I find very interesting about this piece is some of Superman (1978) had been filmed in Alberta, including the city of Calgary.

  19. aww i was hoping they would shoot it here in Alberta be closer to Calgary =)

  20. Wow, I am truly surprise on the amount news coverage that we are recieving about Superman. I have full confidence in this film being one of the best Superman films to date.

    As far Snyder goes, I feel he can do this movie and make it truly great. For the most part I have been visually impressed by all his movies. Truth be told I have always went into his movies wanting great action sequences and visuals with a solid story, not great but solid. So far Snyder has not dissapointed.

    I thought Watchmen was a good film with more story and substance to it than action. So I think Zack will be able to blend both and give us a truly all around productive film.

    So far production and casting looks to be going fine. Henry Caville looks like he may pull it off.I was born in the late 70′s, raised in the 80′s so Christopher Reeves will always have a strong connection to the character to me.

    I do hope we get to see Superman taken to his physical limits with an entity capable of going toe to toe with the “Man of Steel”. I know we had a movie that he took on three criminal Kryptonians but I mean with today’s movie magic.

    Anyway, amazing movie news coverage Screenrant, keep it up.

    • Watchman being good had very little to do with Snyder, he just copied the brilliant graphic novel.

  21. Well, most of movies been have been based off graphic novels but you are correct. Still, we have seen many directors do the same thing. You know, take a good book, script,animated series, and graphic novels and completely destroy it. I see your point though, I just saying I think he has the ability to do it….hopefully(smile).

  22. Lol so now Chicago will be both Gotham City & Metropolis in the same year. If theres a night scene, maybe Superman will see the Tumbler & smile knowing Batmans on the job. Interesing if Superman is seen as a threat in the film to where he’s attacked by helicopters etc. Then again they’re problly Ursa & maybe Zod.

    • From what I’ve heard, TDKR won’t be going back to Chicago.

  23. Lets hope the villian is not the Toyman

  24. Thats crap they should of used New York!

  25. How can I become a extra in the superman movie filming in chicago and surrounding area? Ilive so close right in between both locations in Illinois.

  26. New York City is NOT the greatest city in the World.

  27. I think Chicago is a good city for superhero movies. It worked out well for The Dark Knight.

    I live in New York, and while it is the best city in the world, a lot of it has changed since Bloomberg became mayor, making the city less gritty and more pedestrian. New York City is turning into a European-like city.

    Chicago has more of a Metropolis feel to it.

    • @ John

      Not to insult your opinion but,is TDK the only excuse of why Chicago is a good city for superhero movies? Imo i thought Sydney,Austrilia, i think thats where it was filmed- was a great location for Metropolis in Superman Returns.

  28. I don’t know how much is set setting or if cgi was done through some of the seasons of Smallville, but the overview of Metropolis on that show looked like Metropolis for sure imo aswell.

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