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24 February 2011: Erlang Factory London 2011 - Talk Submission Open

18 January 2011: Erlang Solutions launches a course in Test Driven Development with Erlang

13 January 2011: Programme Announced for the Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2011

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In 2007 the ProTest Consortium was established with a financial contribution of 2.5 million Euros from the European Commission to help fund the project.

Project Goals

  • develop software engineering approaches to improve reliability of service-oriented networks
  • support fault-finding and diagnosis based on specified properties of the system
  • build automated tools that will generate and run tests, monitor execution at run-time, and log events for analysis.

Consortium Partners

IT University of Göteborg Ericsson
University of Kent Erlang Solutions Ltd
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid LambdaStream
University of Sheffield Quviq

Property-based testing

Property-based testing will deliver more effective tests, more efficiently:

Testing with properties as objects improves the competitiveness of software developers, as they can deliver higher quality software for a lower price.

Allows collaborating companies to improve the definition of their software interfaces and so improve the compatibility between their services.

Erlang/OTP Open Telecom Platform has been chosen as our initial implementation vehicle due to its robustness and reliability within the telecoms sector. It is noted for its success in the ATM telecoms switches by Ericsson, one of the project partners.

Testing in service-oriented networks

This project aims to support industry to maintain 5-nines (99.999%) reliability in future service-oriented networks and systems. Testing of complex systems is extremely difficult and time-consuming. In order to deliver dynamic services and interoperable network applications with guaranteed properties, we focus testing around these properties.