The Rock gets milk in Super Bowl ad

Need milk? Get the Rock.

The Got Milk? campaign got the Rock for its first Super Bowl ad.

The 30-second spot, which is already buzzing on the Web, features the action star Dwayne Johnson in a kitchen with three kids at breakfast … with a milk jug that's nearly empty.

One look at the horrified kids and the muscled man jumps into action mode, ignoring a kitten stuck in a tree, a bank robbery in progress,  and a woman trapped by a lion to run down a milk truck for his refill.

Yes, the Rock saved breakfast before leaving the house to save the world. Priorities.


  • Brian  •  13 hours ago
    If ya smeeeeeeeeeeeeeelalalalalalalow what tha cookin!!!!!!!!!!
  • single and loveing it!  •  13 hours ago
    Mmmm he could get me to like milk!
  • Alvina  •  12 hours ago
    Lol i love that guy <3
  • crock  •  4 hours ago
    I drink a gallon a day and i crave more than that, but i limit myself to only one gallon. Its actually the only drink other than water that i do drink. When getting sick i might drink orange juice, and soda only at parties or when in a resturant.
  • ᗩᔕᘮᓰᘐᙓﬡᙓᖇᓰᔕ1  •  5 hours ago
    He is hot.
  • crock  •  4 hours ago
    its a shame that milk cost so much in todays world, i just glad i dont have to put it in my car to make it run.
  • Scorpio  •  12 hours ago
    now milk is going be at 6.00 dollar a gallon to pay for these commercial
  • Woodman  •  12 hours ago
    what ticks me off is they spend 7mil on this and a gallon of milk keeps rising...bunch of bs
  • crock  •  4 hours ago
    what a shame that they are pushing milk like crazy when its now more expensive than gasoline which is harder to come by
  • Laff  •  7 hours ago
    Best thing asbout the commercial was the song.