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The most cost-effective way to increase sales and quality leads via your website is by increasing the likelihood that your existing visitors turn into customers or carry out a desired action.


Why Utilize Focus Groups?

As the Internet is a constantly evolving medium, staying up to date with your target audiences’ expectations and experiences by implementing a website focus group study can significantly impact your site’s conversion rate or the perception visitors have about what your company or organization has to offer. At Goge, we can execute an effective website focus group study for your company or organization sure to drive the results you’re looking for. We employ modern strategies and key tactics to gather user data, providing invaluable insight into the mind of your target demographic.


About Goge Website Focus Group Services Pricing

Most firms opt to not publish their website focus group services pricing. Goge publishes the details of our website focus group services pricing because we stand behind the website focus group services we offer. We focus on website focus group services that expand your brand’s product and service and solidify your new or existing customer relationships. Goge website focus group services pricing is published so clients can make informed decisions.

For a detailed explanation of Goge website focus group services pricing models, refer to the website focus group services cost comparison chart below:

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  • Standard

  • Advanced

Setup of Website Heatmaps (Up to 50 pages)YesYes
Setup of Visitor Click Tracking Recording (50 pages)YesYes
Web Testing with Visitor Usability ReportingYesYes
Setup of Visitor Website Questionnaire (on Website)YesYes
Analysis of Web Heatmap DataYesYes
Analysis of Website VisitorsYesYes
Dedicated - Project ManagerYesYes
Executive Summary on Conversion MaximizationYesYes
Video of Website User Experience ProvidedYesYes
Raw Heat Map Data ProvidedYesYes
Reporting on Web Visitor Focus Group FindingsYesYes
Creation of Usability QuestionnaireYesYes
Creation of Visitor "Script" for TestingYesYes
Creation of Goal-Vased Web Objectives Questionnaire with Associated Time (unique testers per questionnaire)15 testers40 testers
Branding / Product Perception Questionnaire (unique testers per questionnaire)15 testers40 testers
Usability Questionnaire - Existing Stakeholders (unique testers per questionnaire)15 testers40 testers
Usability Questionnaire - Independent Testers (unique testers per questionnaire)15 testers40 testers
"5 Second Test" on 10 Web Pages15 testers40 testers
Raw Data From Web Questionnaire ProvidedYesYes
Executive Report on Questionnaire FeedbackYesYes
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Respond to User Demands: Employ Website Focus Groups

Simply increasing traffic to your website won’t necessarily improve overall sales figures or the amount of registrations and sign-ups via your site. The most cost-effective way to increase sales and quality leads via your website is by increasing the likelihood that your existing visitors turn into customers or carry out a desired action. Even if your site is primarily information-based, it’s important to understand how best to present this information to ensure your visitor’s perceive your site as one that will answer their questions or solve the problem they face.

Website focus groups are critical in understanding how your site is used by your target audience and how you can improve the effectiveness of your website. Our years of experience tell us that by making use of website focus groups, we are able to better understand your visitors and ensure enhanced visitor experience and user interaction. By implementing a website focus group study, you receive actual user feedback you can apply to enhance your site’s impact on the visitor. Likewise, you can infer how the layout could be made more user-friendly, thus resulting in increased conversions and interactions.

It’s amazing what can happen when you listen to your customers and public audiences. By responding favorably to visitor and consumer demand and doing something as simple as giving your visitors what they want, your conversion rate has the potential to skyrocket and the general public perception of your company or organization can significantly improve. The process of figuring out what your visitors want doesn’t have to be a long and grueling one. At Goge, we have refined the process to discovering their desires.


Website Focus Group Study Process and Services at Goge

The website focus group study process at Goge begins by outlining your company or organization’s goals and site-specific objectives. With these end-goals in mind, our Internet marketers will create a website usability questionnaire consisting of carefully crafted questions used to generate significant insights necessary to meet these goals.

We know what questions to ask to be able to understand what your visitors are thinking while browsing your site. We know how to identify whether or not your visitors understand the purpose of your site. We know what to inquire in order to determine what may encumber your visitors’ overall experience on your site and what may hinder them from ultimately making a purchase, filling out a lead form or acquiring the information they seek. Our usability questionnaires encompass fundamental questions enabling us to truly get in the mind of your visitor. The questions will be on topic and focus on the ideas that will meet your goals, guaranteeing the information received is relevant and beneficial to you.

We will consider questions such as the following: Are you answering every question imaginable visitors may have within the context of your site? Are your visitors provided with enough information to understand what your organization stands for? Is the perception your users have of your company or organization accurate and ideal? Do your site visitors know how to complete a purchase? Is your key information easy to find? At Goge, we will discover the answers to all of these questions and more within a website focus group study.

After the usability questionnaire is complete, we will distribute this questionnaire to unbiased testers we select who fit your target demographic. The selection of participants is a critical step in the website focus group process. Participants for the website focus group study are carefully selected to match your demographic group and target audience so the data you receive is in line with the users of your site and the information you are provided is pertinent to you.

Our focus group testers will answer the questions we have asked in the questionnaire based on their interaction with the site. These live testers will provide us with feedback on the overall design, navigation and usability of your website. Based on the feedback we collect, we provide you with information and recommendations on how the design and layout of your site can be improved for your intended audience.


Interpreting the Results of Your Website Focus Group Study

By knowing how users think and feel about your site, you gain key insights on how you can best tailor your site to your intended audience. Based on the thoughts and opinions obtained, we can infer how your target audience is using your site and what they need in order to reach objectives more efficiently. The information acquired will add to the overall understanding of your site’s target audience and identify any areas for improvement.

After acquiring the appropriate sample size, we will come to conclusions based on our findings from the website focus group study and make recommendations accordingly. Our team has the expertise needed to create successful websites, and we use that edge to analyze the website focus group study results. This ensures we provide solutions based not only on the website focus group findings, but also the most current practices in web design. We will present the results to you as suggested areas of improvement, as well as outline elements that are working and should continue to be integrated within your site.

At Goge we know how to read in between the lines. We’ve perfected the process of inferring data based on research and findings within a website focus group study, and we’re confident we can extend and tailor this process to work for you.
Call 828-226-5204 or contact us online to learn more about website focus groups services and how they can help the success rate of your company’s website.


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