How To Hypnotize Women

Hmm, I guess this had to be asked, but hey it works on men too.

How to hypnotize women is a question that is asked by some men. Trying to understand that question is whether it empowers the hypnotist with the ability to exercise control over the minds of others. It is said that hypnosis can make others do and behave in a manner that they would normally resist. This quality of hypnosis gives it a strong appeal that attracts many people. Many among the lot wonder if it is possible to hypnotize women into doing what they want them to do and want to learn how to do it.

Can you really learn How To Hypnotize women?

One statement goes on to define hypnosis as naturally altering the state of mind so that the subject becomes inclined to change his/her perceptions about self, society and the world in general. Both perception and behavior are said to change with hypnosis. Therefore if a seducer is well versed in the use of covert hypnosis techniques he knows how to hypnotize women and it may be possible for him to seduce a woman quite easily.

However, there are some things that should be clear to an aspiring learner of hypnotic techniques who intends to use them as tools of seduction upon women. It would be practically impossible to put a girl/woman in a trance and get her into bed. The right way is to master the techniques of covert hypnosis where she can be hypnotized without the trance effect and when done correctly, remains totally unaware of being hypnotized.

The power lies in covert hypnosis;

Covert hypnosis allows its practitioner to get on to the same wavelength as his subject and reach the unconscious mind to plant ideas that may run contrary to the earlier understanding, convictions and beliefs of the person being hypnotized.

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Covert Hypnosis Techniques;

1) The first covert hypnosis technique that teaches how to hypnotize women consists of holding eye contact. If you are the hypnotist you should maintain eye contact with the subject for just a couple of seconds longer than normal and then shift your eyes away. This should be frequently repeated during the conversation and will lead to arousing primal thoughts in her mind making her open to being seduced.

 Remember, this has to be done very subtly and a long eye contact can have the opposite effect and turn her off. Just a wee bit longer than normal is the right length in time. The purpose served by this is that she subconsciously perceives it and becomes aroused but consciously is unable to detect anything unusual.

2) The second technique is to mirror and match her gestures during the conversation. You can subtly repeat the gesture she makes or use something that has the same meaning instead of an exact repetition. For example you can straighten your tie if she makes a preening gesture like smoothing her hair.

Getting on the same wave length is a major win
These basic techniques can help you get on to the same wavelength as your female partner making everything you say more convincing to her. She will experience a strong feeling of familiarity and will want to be close to you. Along with matching gestures you can also try matching speech patterns and postures. When both of you are on the same wavelength the woman will follow your changes in posture. This indicates that there is also a change in the emotions she is experiencing towards you.

There are other techniques involving anchors, language, metaphors, internal filtering to name just a few that work very effectively for seducing women through hypnosis.

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