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If your website is hard to navigate or creates problems for your visitors, it can result in less time spent on your site and the loss of additional sales. Ensuring your site is functional will help increase your business’ revenue.

Don’t lose sales because your customer can’t figure out how to make a purchase.


Increase Sales and Conversion Rate by Facilitating Website Usability Testing and Analysis

Want more sales? How about more lead form submissions? Want to increase your website’s conversion rate? Want to boost the confidence your customers have in you? Want to create a more pleasant experience for your visitors? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, a website usability analysis is for you.

By implementing website usability testing and analysis, you are listening to the demands of your customers. And by listening to their demands, you’re building brand loyalty and consumer trust; as a result, you’re facilitating more sales and revenue for your company.


About Goge Website Usability Testing and Analysis Services Pricing

Most firms opt to not publish their website usability testing services pricing. Goge publishes the details of our website usability testing and analysis prices because we stand behind the website usability analysis services we offer. We focus on website usability testing and analysis that expand your brand’s product and service and solidify your new or existing customer relationships. Goge website usability testing and analysis services pricing is published so clients can make informed decisions.

For a detailed explanation of Goge website usability testing services pricing models, refer to the website usability testing and analysis services cost comparison chart below:

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  • Standard

  • Enhanced

Number of Pages AnalyzedUp to 15Up to 40
Setup of Website Heat Maps (Up to 200 Pages)YesYes
Setup of Visitor Click Tracking (200 Pages)YesYes
Web Testing with Visitor Usability ReportingYesYes
Setup of Visitor Questionnaire (On Website)YesYes
Analysis of Web Heat Map DataYesYes
Analysis of Website Visitor BehaviorsYesYes
Website Broken Link AuditYesYes
Visitor Configuration ReportedYesYes
Page Scroll ReportingYesYes
Page Load Time ReportingYesYes
Web Form Analytics and ReportingNoYes
Top Page Bounce Report with Recommendations5 Pages15 Pages
Top Navigational Funnel with Visitor Bounce Recommendations5 Pages15 Pages
Conversion Maximization Executive SummaryYesYes
Website User Experience Video ProvidedYesYes
Raw Heat Map Data ProvidedYesYes
Creation of Usability QuestionnaireYesYes
Creation of Visitor "Script" for Testing YesYes
Usability Questionnaire - Independent Testers15 Testers40 Testers
5 Second Test on 10 Web PagesYesYes
Executive Report on New Website FunctionalityYesYes
Raw Data from Web Questionnaire ProvidedYesYes
Executive Report on Questionnaire FeedbackYesYes
Dedicated Project ManagerYesYes
Email, Phone, & Chat SupportYesYes
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Goge Website Usability Testing and Analysis

At Goge we offer an array of website usability testing services to help improve your customer’s overall experience and interaction with your brand; which is, after all, the essence of optimizing website usability.

There is a wide range of issues that can debilitate your customers from solving the problems they face or the objective they are aiming to achieve. By adding to the many hindrances your customers encounter across the web, you are not only impeding your customer’s mission, you’re encumbering the revenue your company could be acquiring. Put an end to your customer’s hunt for ease and clarity—they’ll thank you.

By cutting back on confusing navigation, difficult checkout processes, vague desired actions and the multitude of other possible issues your customers encounter on a daily basis across the web, you’re facilitating the likelihood of more sales.


Don’t Lose One More Sale: Test Your Website’s Usability

There are countless usability factors that contribute to your website’s conversion rate. Don’t be a victim to a lost sale because your customer is frustrated. If your website is hard to navigate or creates problems for your visitors, it can result in less time spent on your site and the loss of additional sales. Ensuring your site is functional will help increase your business’ revenue. Don’t lose sales because your customer can’t figure out how to make a purchase. Don’t miss out on a quality lead because your site is ambiguous.


Common Problem Areas for Website Usability Include:

  • Confusing navigation
  • Slow download times
  • Daunting to accomplish tasks
  • Vague calls-to-action
  • Difficulty in learning and understanding your site’s interface
  • Difficulty remembering the interface on return visits
  • Lack of satisfaction in the design of your system
  • Frequent errors


Goge’s Website Usability Testing and Analysis Services

Since your internal team knows the end-goal of your website and exactly how to achieve it, it’s difficult to gauge what your users may perceive. Goge knows how to get into the mind of your visitor and shift that perception to your advantage.

Website usability involves evaluating your website and subsequently enhancing the website to make its content and interface easier for your visitors to access and understand. Goge will perform front end, user interface and usability evaluations to understand any avoidable barriers your customers are facing when they visit your website.

At Goge, we are committed to getting to the root of what deters your visitors from becoming customers. What browser are they using? Can they easily find the product they are searching for? Are they constantly using your site’s search bar because they can’t figure out how your site is structured? Is the navigation confusing? Is your call-to-action unclear? Is the checkout process difficult? Do they trust your site enough to present personal information to complete the checkout process? When our Google and MSN certified team of Internet marketers conduct a website usability test on your site, they ask all of these questions and more.

At Goge, we know where the eye naturally goes upon entering a website or page and can easily determine the most high-profile areas within your site. We will verify these areas within your site are maximized and, most importantly, user-friendly. We pay attention to highly trafficked areas in your navigation as well as the areas the majority of people see when they land on your site based on browser size. We will then make recommendations based on how these particular areas can be improved to enhance usability.

Usability testing provides insight to problems encountered by your users and their overall experience on your site. We will get to the root of any and all issues interfering with your customers’ ability to complete the conversion funnel and provide you with a detailed report of problem areas along with recommendations on what improvements can be made.


By Employing Goge’s Website Usability Analysis Services You Can:

  • Improve the flow of your navigation
  • Minimize download times
  • Save your customers time by cutting back on the time it takes to accomplish specific tasks
  • Present an easy-to-use interface
  • Generate repeat visits
  • Eliminate errors
  • Decrease the cost of customer support
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase revenue via your website


Website Usability Testing Using Actual Customer Data

At Goge we have exceptional knowledge of how humans interact with online media. Combine that with our wealth of knowledge of the Internet and years of experience in facilitating functionality and greater ease in the use of the Internet, and you’ve got key insights sure to result in increased revenue. We will review and analyze your site and provide you with valuable recommendations based on our findings (that is, hard data). We will ensure the flow of your conversion funnel is smooth and the path to the desired action is straightforward. Simplicity is key. If your users can’t figure out how to fulfill the desired action efficiently and fast, and we mean really fast, they’ll find a site with comparable products and services (read: your competitors) where they can.

Your customers expect ease of use, speed and a fully functional site with an effortless conversion funnel and checkout process. Users want to know what you desire them to do on your site. They want to know how to find what they’re looking for. They want to know how to make a purchase. Why wouldn’t you respond to these reasonable demands of your consumer?
Call 828-226-5204 or contact us online to learn what website usability testing and analysis can do for your bottom line.


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