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Whether you’re a small business owner looking to gain insight on how users interact with your website, or the marketing director of a global enterprise-level corporation looking to make strategic decisions about how to position your next online campaign, Google Analytics can provide the comprehensive data necessary to make well-informed decisions about your online presence.

But like any tool, what you get from it is only as good as the person using it. It takes extensive industry knowledge and experience to understand all the layers of data that are presented, how to extract the most out of Google Analytics and, most importantly, how to apply what’s been derived.

And that’s where we come in. Goge is a Google Analytics company that helps you peel back those layers of data and provides business-critical insights beyond just the surface-level statistics.


About Goge Google Analytics Consulting Pricing

Most firms opt to not publish their Google Analytics consulting pricing. Goge publishes the details of our Google Analytics consulting pricing because we stand behind the Google Analytics consulting services we offer. We focus on Google Analytics consulting that expand your brand’s product and service and solidify your new or existing customer relationships. Goge Google Analytics consulting pricing is published so clients can make informed decisions.

For a detailed explanation of Goge Google Analytics consulting pricing models, refer to the Google Analytics consulting package cost comparison chart below:

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  • Standard

  • E-Commerce

  • Enterprise

Google Analytics Tracking SetupYesYesYes
Setup of Goals & EventsYesYesYes
Ecommerce SetupNoYesYes
Social Reporting IntegrationYesYesYes
Audience SegmentationYesYesYes
Setup of Custom Monthly e-mail ReportsYesYesYes
Google Analytics TroubleshootingYesYesYes
Site Speed ReportingYesYesYes
Notification & Alert SetupYesYesYes
Data AnalysisYesYesYes
Channel Attribution ReportingYes - when availableYes - when availableYes - when available
KPI DiscoveryNoYesYes
Custom Dashboard - Based on KPIsNoYesYes
1-hour Executive Summary Reporting TeleconferenceYesYesYes
Funnel SetupNoYesYes
Funnel AnalysisNoYesYes
Flash TrackingNoYesYes
Visitor Loyalty ReportingNoYesYes
Visitor Segment Bounce Rate ReportingNoYesYes
Geo-Profiling InsightsNoYesYes
Site Optimization Intelligence ReportsNoYesYes
Landing Page Rracking & ReportingNoNoYes
Campaign Optimization Intelligence ReportNoNoYes
Website Conversion Rate RecommendationsNoNoYes
Custom Link Tag Script IntegrationNoNoYes
Cross Domain TrackingNoNoYes
Custom Google Analytics Tracking VariablesNoNoYes
Integration with Google Website OptimizerNoNoYes
Website Call TrackingCustomCustomCustom
Monthly Audit & Reporting Services (Optional):$250/mo.$400/mo.$500/mo.
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When Google Analytics begins to track your website’s data a lot of questions can start to form. For example…How do the numbers I’m viewing relate to other events on your website’s timeline? Why is my traffic high yet I’m seeing a low conversion rate? How do users progress through my website design and at what points do they leave?

These are just a few of the many questions that you may ask yourself when you begin to look at your Google Analytics reports. And in order to discern the correct answers, you need an experienced Google Analytics consultant to help you make sense of the data by looking at it from all possible angles and to provide you with top-notch Google Analytics support. The Goge Google Analytics consulting team is comprised of multiple professionals who have passed and maintain the Google Analytics Qualified Individual Certification Program provided by Google.


How Much Should I Expect To Pay For Google Analytics Consulting and What’s Included?

Google Analytics consulting pricing is based on a variety of factors. For your convenience, Goge has broken down Google Analytics consulting pricing into three tiers. For a comprehensive list of what’s included with each of these tiered packages along with pricing, please see the chart above.

What isn’t listed in our Google Analytics consulting pricing details above are: the qualifications of our team, the performance history of our analysis, reporting quality and recommendations, along with the proprietary processes we’ve developed over years of providing Google Analytics Consulting and Google Analytics Support services…all factors involved in our competitive Google Analytics Consulting pricing.


Our Process

Our team of Google Analytics consulting experts will sit down with you to learn about your unique business goals and begin the analysis process right away. Once we obtain a full picture of what your website data is saying and align it with your business goals, we’ll work with you to form the proper strategy and make the necessary recommendations to get your online business moving in the right direction.

Our time-tested processes have been refined through extensive amounts of industry research and applying what we know to over 500 clients. We can quickly adapt our services and our approach as Google Analytics changes or as your business goals change.

Some Google Analytics companies provide you with nothing more than a lengthy report template with pages upon pages of facts, figures and charts and expect that you’ll understand the data well enough to make critical decisions about your online business. At Goge, we believe that our clients’ success comes not only from our experienced analysis and data interpretation, but also from the level of customized reporting and one-on-one consultation that we provide. As part of our Google Analytics consulting approach, we help clients through all aspects of their Google Analytics integration including the initial setup and configuration, and any custom development and configuration that might be necessary. And once we’ve provided you with a list of recommendations and ways to optimize your site, we’d be happy to work with you further to help you integrate those changes.


Google Analytics Development

We have the knowledge and experience to provide Google Analytics development in order to solve even the most challenging data extraction and reporting scenarios. Goge has worked with many of our clients to develop custom-coded solutions that integrate seamlessly into your Google Analytics application.

Correctly interpreting the data is only half the battle. Knowing how to properly apply the data derived from Google Analytics and where to take action on your website is critical. Our skilled team of Google Analytics Consultants provides full Google Analytics support from setup and configuration on your website to advanced segmentation, funnel analysis, and optimization intelligence reporting.

Our team at Goge has over 25+ years combined experience in the Internet marketing industry. Call 828-226-5204 or contact us online to start establishing your strong online presence today or for customized Google Analytics consulting pricing.


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