Welcome to UP!

UP is UPDATEs ITS system, and is quite stable. If it should crash, please contact Björn Victor. For more information about UP, see the hardware information page, the live status page, or the News file.

You can try connecting to UP using a Java applet on this other page. Please be patient while the applet is being downloaded! There are also stand-alone Supdup clients in Java and in C. (You can not connect using Telnet.)

If you would like an account, please connect (see above), and fill in an on-line account application. Unless you are a member of UPDATE, for reference, please study the old AI Lab Tourist Policy. Something along those lines applies for tourist accounts here too.

You can look up local users here (or by connecting and using :WHOIS).

If you have an SVG-capable browser, you can have a look at the old pictures in the -PICS- directory, translated to SVG format from the arcane ARDS format.

This web server is written in Maclisp, using a small piece of MIDAS code to open TCP connections (and to work around a Maclisp bug). You can find it in the HACK directory as HTTPD. There is also an HTML mode for EMACS in that directory.

The web server can generate web pages dynamically - see e.g. the live system status page, or my UP blog.

Automatic translation of INFO files to HTML is not yet implemented, but until it is, here are two offline translations:

Please note that the ITS implementation of TCP (last touched in 1989) is not as strong as more modern ones, so be patient with response times, and please don't overload the web server.

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