The Weta (2009) 38(1): 24–30
©New Zealand Entomological Society, Inc.

Research article
But wait, there’s more…an update on the Chatham Island mosquitoes

Rachel P. Cane 1* and Regan J. Courtney 2

1 New Zealand BioSecure Entomology Laboratory Research, P.O. Box 69-198, Lincoln 7640, New Zealand. Email: rachelc@nzbiosecure.net.nz.
2 New Zealand BioSecure, 8 Sweet Waters Place, Brookhaven, Christchurch 8023, New Zealand. Email: reganc@nzbiosecure.net.nz.
*Corresponding author.

Abstract: The Chatham Island mosquito fauna has been considered to comprise two species ever since L.J. Dumbleton discovered and described the Chatham Island mosquito Aedes (Nothoskusea) chathamicus (see Fig. 1a) and noted the presence of the common New Zealand mosquito, Culex pervigilans Bergroth (Dumbleton 1962).........
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