HVDC Inter-Island Link Project

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About this project

We are constructing and installing new AC/DC converter equipment at Benmore (South Island) and Haywards (North Island) substations to increase capacity of the high voltage direct current (HVDC) inter-island link.

The new converter equipment, known as Pole 3, replaces the Pole 1 equipment at both substations with state-of-the-art thyristor valve units. The HVDC Pole 3 project, worth up to $672 million, will be commissioned in early 2013,

Why we’re doing it

To increase the capacity of the overall HVDC link, and retire older equipment (Pole 1) that is no longer supported internationally.

How it will affect you

We do not expect the local power supply to be affected during this project although there may be construction disruption in and around Benmore substation in the South Island and Haywards substation in the North Island. We will do our best to keep any other disruptions to a minimum and to keep you well informed of what we’re up to.

More information about the project

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