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FAA returns to 787 flights, maiden production sortie and ZA002 flying Monday (Update1)

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N1006F, originally uploaded by kpaekilo1.

Boeing will restart 787 certification operations, the first of three major milestones slated for Monday.

Currently based in Yuma, Arizona, ZA004 will re-launch Federal Aviation Administration certification operations for the 787 with a validation of the fuel jettison system, sources tell FlightBlogger. This will be the first flight test for certification credit since ZA002's November 9 fire that placed the regulatory validation of Boeing's new flagship on hold.

Monday will also feature the first flight of a production 787, ZA102, the ninth 787, which wears a white fuselage and All Nippon Airways tail. The aircraft has been re-registered at N1006F, formerly N6066Z, and will fly a standard B-1 production flight, which includes a checkout of the airworthiness of the aircraft and the actuation of the landing gear. This is the seventh 787 to fly since the flight test program began on December 15, 2009.

While it is first slated for a shakedown of all its systems, ZA102 will join the test fleet for the extended twin engine operations (ETOPS) certification before it is delivered to ANA. ZA101, the eighth 787, will primarily operate as a ground test aircraft for the system functionality and reliability testing as part of the ETOPS certification effort.

Lastly, the formerly fire-stricken ZA002 is also expected to rejoin the test fleet Monday with a checkout of the electronic engine control system.

Boeing has yet to announce a revised schedule for first delivery to ANA.

UPDATE 1/17 2:34 PM ET: Program sources say ZA102's first flight has slid to Tuesday at the earliest due to some last-minute trouble-shooting on board the aircraft.

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