Iran sends monkey into space


Tue, 29 Jan 2013 7:11a.m.

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Iran said Monday it has successfully sent a monkey into space.

Iran said Monday it has successfully sent a monkey into space.

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29/01/2013 10:10:01 p.m.

Ali wrote:

Well done IRAN.Your scientific, technological make all us proud. Despite sanctions on everything possible. E.g Universities, Hospitals, Airplanes, Medicines for cancer patients, freezing of Iranian assets in eu and world, ban from using swift transactions AND STILL YOU PROGESS WOW!!!! Click to

29/01/2013 8:14:42 p.m.

Peter wrote:

So they sent their president into outer space. So what?

29/01/2013 4:02:18 p.m.

Marty wrote:

Although this was done in the 1960's surely we have surpassed the need to send animals into space. Boeing X7, Delta and Dragon are already undertaking unmanned tests and then be manned. Iran seems to have put too much money into warfare and not keeping up with technology.

29/01/2013 11:56:46 a.m.

Candice wrote:

That poor, poor little chap they have forcibly strapped in .... makes my stomach turn. Thanks for the nightmares Iran. No mention of the monkeys fate thereafter ....

29/01/2013 11:39:46 a.m.

Jessie wrote:

Look at the poor thing, why send a monkey? its not like Iran care about human rights so why not send a person up? I hope this monkey bit someone

29/01/2013 9:58:51 a.m.

Mel wrote:

Poor monkey. Just cruel.

29/01/2013 8:41:26 a.m.

Michael wrote:

I don't know how it's been done in the past, but that monkey looks petrified. Yay for Iran and their "space ambitions."