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  • Utah N-waste site backers call it quits

    Plans to store the nation's high-level reactor waste in Utah are officially dead. The consortium of utility companies behind the idea has asked the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to scrap its license for a 100-acre parking lot for radioactive w

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  • Feds still on the hunt for high-level, N-waste storage

    Lingering interest • Whether Utah might still be in the running for a new site is unclear at this point. But the legal wrangling about the Skull Valley site isn't over. And Skull Valley Chairwoman Lori Bear says discussions are ongoing with the In

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  • Matheson opposes Pelosi, wants new Dem leader

    Washington • Rep. Jim Matheson has lost faith in Nancy Pelosi's leadership of the House Democrats and his party's modest gains in the recent election haven't changed that.

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