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Biometrics Identity Management Agency Overview

Biometrics is a key capability that can identify the enemy, denying him the anonymity he needs to hide and strike at will. The ability to identify and verify individuals is also critical to ensure secure and expeditious business functions. As these biometrics capabilities are applied through various tactics, techniques and processes, they enable a wide range of possible missions, from military operations to business functions, that protect national interests. The Biometrics Identity Management Agency (BIMA), as per DoD Directive 8521 01E, serves to:

  • Act as the DoD proponent for biometrics
  • Lead in the development and implementation of biometrics technologies for Combatant Commands, Services and Agencies
  • Deliver capabilities in order to contribute to the enhancement of the biometric community
  • Increase Joint Service interoperability
  • Empower the warfighter by improving operational effectiveness on the battlefield
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Want to know more about biometrics and the crucial role it plays for the Department of Defense and our Interagency Partners? Watch our new 2012 video and you're sure to come away with a clear sense of biometrics as an enduring capability. (6 min)

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