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YVO Webcam Has a New Home!

The YVO webcam has been moved from its old location at Lake Butte to a new vista above Biscuit Basin, at the north end of Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. The new camera offers a view of an area that has historically hosted a variety of rock-hurling hydrothermal (steam) eruptions. With this vantage point, it is possible that the camera will capture a similar event in the future.

Visit the YVO webcam page here.

Mount St. Helens 2012 Fieldwork

Mount St. Helens is an active volcano, continuously monitored for earthquakes, ground deformation, erosion and debris flows. Clear, summer weather provides an opportunity to access remote monitoring sites for necessary repairs, to observe, quantify and track changes from previous years, and conduct new research. The image gallery, Mount St. Helens 2012 Fieldwork, highlights the summer work completed on the flanks of the volcano as well as in the crater.

   Mount St. Helens Fieldwork Images (click to view complete gallery)


National Volcano Early Warning System.
The National Volcano Early Warning System plans to closely monitor threatening volcanoes.

Earthquakes leading up to the January 11, 2006 eruption of Augustine volcano, AK.
Current monitoring data from USGS volcano observatories.

Cars covered in volcanic ash, Mount Pinatubo eruption, Philippines.
Volcanic Ash
Ash hazards information and guidance for homes, businesses, and communities.


Lava flows within Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō crater, Kilauea volcano, HI.
Frequently updated real-time images of several U.S. volcanoes.

Jake Lowenstern giving lessons about Yellowstone volcano.
Podcasts and Videos
Yellowstone volcano podcasts and videos.

Bishop Tuff outcrop from Long Valley, CA.
Images from Observatories
Archived photographs and images of U.S. volcanoes.


Mount Rainier as a backdrop behind the city of Tacoma, WA.
U.S. Volcano List
Information, photos and status updates for volcanoes of concern in the U.S.

Arched lava fountain from Kilauea volcano, HI.
Pictures and definitions of volcanic terms.

Alaska Volcanoes Guidebook for Teachers.
Volcano Education Resources
Grades 6-12 lessons and activities for teachers.

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