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Ballistic Missile Defense Review

The Ballistic Missile Defense Review (BMDR) is a review conducted pursuant to guidance from the President and the Secretary of Defense, while also addressing the legislative requirement to assess U.S. ballistic missile defense policy and strategy. The BMDR will evaluate the threats posed by ballistic missiles and develop a missile defense posture to address current and future challenges.

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Missile Defense Review Links Strategy to Threats

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1, 2010 - The Ballistic Missile Defense Review aligns U.S. missile defense posture with near-term regional missile threats and sustains the ability to defend the homeland against limited long-range missile attack, said Michele Flournoy, undersecretary of defense for policy. Story»

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House Budget Committee - D-SECDEF testimony

Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn, III (March 4, 2010)

NATO Strategic Concept NDU Seminar - SECDEF remarks

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates (Feb. 23, 2010)

Foreign Press Center Briefing on the QDR and BMDR

Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans, and Forces Kathleen Hicks, Director of the Office of Missile Defense Policy Dr. DeBiaso (Feb. 4, 2010).