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An Overview of Programs and Resources

In May 2010, in recognition of the fiscal pressures that the Department and the country currently face; the Department of Defense launched a comprehensive effort to reduce its overhead expenditures. The goal was - and is - to sustain the U.S. military's strength over the long-term by reinvesting those efficiency savings in force structure and other key combat capabilities.

Caring for Service members, civilian personnel and their families represents a mission imperative for the Department of Defense, and we understand that a number of employees will be affected by the Efficiencies Initiative. The Under Secretary for Personnel and Readiness has committed to working with leaders of affected organizations to do everything possible to assist their employees in order to facilitate a smooth transition. This includes the creation of this website, designed to facilitate the flow of information on key programs and resources, enabling personnel to make informed career and personal decisions.

While not all of the programs referenced here will be applicable to you, we believe that understanding the options that exist will help you initiate informed discussions with your supervisors or local human resources organizations.

To find out which programs and resources on this site are applicable to you, please contact your local human resources or personnel servicing office.

The documents on this website are for general information purposes only. References to particular transition actions (Ex: Base Realignment and Closure - BRAC, Transfer of Function - TOF, Reduction in Force - RIF) do not in any way indicate that is the action being taken by your organization or that the action affects any particular individual. For specific information on the transition action being taken at your activity and its effects, if any, on you, please contact your local human resources office.