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Speeches are official statements of the Department of Defense. The last 30 Speeches issued are listed below.
02/12/2013:   Pentagon Community Farewell Event
02/12/2013:   Medal of Honor Ceremony – Clint Romesha
02/08/2013:   Farewell Ceremony
02/07/2013:   Statement on the Attacks on the US Facilities in Benghazi, Libya before the Senate Armed Services Committee
02/06/2013:   Georgetown University
01/24/2013:   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Pentagon Observance
01/24/2013:   Statement on Women in Service
01/18/2013:   King's College London
01/07/2013:   Remarks at National Security Personnel Announcement
12/18/2012:   “The Force of the 21st Century” (National Press Club)
12/04/2012:   Walter Reed Staff Appreciation
12/03/2012:   20th Anniversary Cooperative Threat Reduction Symposium
11/28/2012:   Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Education Center
11/20/2012:   “The Fight Against Al Qaeda: Today and Tomorrow” (Center for a New American Security)
11/19/2012:   Southern Command Change of Command Ceremony
11/02/2012:   Acquisition Awards Ceremony
11/02/2012:   USO Gala
10/29/2012:   Portrait Unveiling for Secretary Robert Gates
10/19/2012:   Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
10/11/2012:   "Defending the Nation from Cyber Attack" (Business Executives for National Security)
10/10/2012:   Statement to NATO Defense Ministers
10/08/2012:   10th Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas
09/21/2012:   Auckland War Memorial Museum
09/19/2012:   PLA Engineering Academy of Armored Forces
09/11/2012:   September 11th Commemoration
09/11/2012:   9/11 Commemoration for Pentagon Personnel
09/07/2012:   National Guard Bureau Change of Responsibility
08/10/2012:   CSAF Change of Responsibility
08/10/2012:   United States Marine Corps OCS Graduation
08/06/2012:   Association of Defense Communities