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The Super Sky Cycle Specifications
(A Flying Motorcycle)
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Highway Speed: 55 mph
Top Flight Speed: 80 mph
Recommended pilot weight: Up to 250 lbs


  • Height (68” propeller): 8’3” or 7’ 10” (lowers down to clear an 8’garage door header)
  • Length: 14’ 8”
  • Width: 86"
  • Weight: 750 lbs. (standard kit)


Components - Standard Super Sky Cycle

  • The Engine is a Rotax Turbocharged 115 HP 4 stroke aircraft engine.
  • 68" Propeller.
  • Inst: ASI, ALT, Engine RPM, Water Temp, 2 EGT, CHT, oil pressure, oil temperature, & Hobbs.
  • The seat tank holds 7.5 gallons of fuel.
  • The Metro Launch System.
  • MLS Rotor Brake.
  • The G-Force Magnum Landing Gear.
  • The Airfoil Step.
  • 27 hp MZ34 two stroke drive engine (Allows the rear wheels to pull you down the road as a three-wheeled motorcycle).
  • The Folding Rotor System.
  • The Super Slider Rotor Head (dampens out stick shake).
  • Rotor Tachometer.
  • Headlight.
  • Tail light.
  • Chopper Style Handlebars.
  • Front & Rear Disk Brakes.
  • The Super Sky Cycle Kevlar Tail with Cadillac Style Bullet Tail Light.
  • Mirrors.
  • DOT Rated Tires.


Performance Features

  • The Super Sky Cycle is centerline thrust.
  • The Super Sky Cycle has a huge horizontal stabilizer on a long moment arm.



  • The airframe kit has pre drilled locator holes that will have to be re drilled to size.
  • The Motorcycle (driving part) parts are intended to be built and licensed as a homebuilt three-wheeled “trike”.
  • The Gyroplane (flying part) parts kit is intended for the experimental category where you as the builder fabricate at least 51% of the kit for recreation and education and licensed it as an Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft.
  • The cheek plates and various other parts are cut to shape and have undersized locator holes.
  • The front landing gear, landing gear support are made from 4130 Chrome Molly steel and are heat treated.
  • The tail is made using Kevlar.
  • We strive to keep the integrity of the true Amateur Built aircraft kit.



  • Automatic GFMLG Extension Selector
  • Pointed nose pod/windscreen
  • Motorcycle Type Windshield
  • Front Wheel Pant
  • Rear Wheel Pants(2)with Fins & Cadillac Style tail lights
  • 10 Gallon Reserve Fuel Tanks(two 5 Gallon)Aerodynamic
  • Smoke System
  • Airfoil strut fairings kit
  • Turn Signals


NOTE: We are only selling complete kits, not parts. Each part was designed exclusively for the Super Sky Cycle. Use of The Super Sky Cycle’s parts on any other vehicle is strongly discouraged.

NOTE: The undersized locator holes are pre-drilled for easy location and assembly. The Super Sky Cycle can easily be assembled using common tools: Vise, drill press, belt sander, cutoff saw, SAE tools, etc.

WARNING: The Super Sky Cycle may be as dangerous as any other aircraft. It could cause injury or death. Build or fly one at your own risk.


Now your Fly-Drive dreams can come true. Purchase a New Super Sky Cycle kit today and fulfill your dream of owning a vehicle that both Flies & Drives.



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