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What's being said

“A marriage of American and US Airways is the final piece of consolidation necessary to put the airline industry on sustainable financial footing after nearly three decades of over-expansion and hyper-competition that undermined profitability.”

Steven Pearlstein Columnist, Washington Post 4/28/12

"The bottom line is that we think a merger should be very positive for the majority of constituents at both AMR and US Airways as well as the industry as a whole."

Michael Linenberg Airline Analyst, Deutsche Bank 2/11/13

“The bottom line is that we believe a merger between AMR Corporation and US Airways would create a formidable competitor to both Delta and United. We also think that an AA/US merger would be positive for the US airline industry. Lastly, a deal would still need approval from the Department of Justice which typically focuses on city-pair concentration. In that regard, American and US Airways’ networks are complementary with only a dozen or so overlap routes out of several 1,000 domestic city-pairs.”

Michael Linenberg Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Securities 5/28/12

“I've never been concerned when people have talked about this as representing a potential threat to oneworld or IAG. Quite the opposite – I see it, and I've always seen it, as a great opportunity for IAG and for oneworld, because, without question, American will be stronger and will be better.”

Willie Walsh Chief Executive Officer, International Airlines Group 7/17/12

“Which is better for metro Phoenix: Retain the headquarters of an airline whose market share of domestic air travel is a fraction of its competitors' or remain a significant part of an infinitely stronger airline? To ask such a question is to answer it.  Almost every news report suggesting progress toward a US Airways/American merger since American's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing on Nov. 30 has been greeted enthusiastically by investors. For Arizona, it may not be a perfect resolution. But it may be the best deal the real world will afford.”

The Arizona Republic Editorial 8/27/12

“There’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever you’d see growth in the Miami market. [US Airways] can save money…by moving into Miami. They can feed [the Latin American routes] better out of Miami.”

Robert Herbst Analyst, AirlineFinancials.com 9/1/12

“We don’t expect problems with regulatory approval given the comparatively limited competitive overlap between markets served by AMR and US Airways.”

Vicki Bryan Analyst, Gimme Credit 1/3/13

“The two companies overlap on only 2% to 3% of their direct routes, so there's no antitrust issue. A combo would allow American not only to connect more dots worldwide but also to add hubs in Phoenix; Charlotte, N.C.; and Philadelphia. The Philly hub would give American another international gateway to take the pressure off JFK.”

Bill Saporito Assistant Managing Editor, Time 10/8/12

“We think separate CEO and chairman positions is good governance and we've also found that the stocks of airlines that have split CEO/ Chairman roles tend to outperform the stocks of airlines that don't have split roles.”

Hunter Keay Analyst, Wolfe Trahan 2/8/13

“Both are flying near their capacity right now.  They won't need to cut a lot of operations. There may be a few management and front-office jobs that go companywide - maybe 1 percent - but I doubt you'll see any losses in Tulsa."

Robert Herbst Former Commercial Pilot, Veteran Industry Consultant and Founder of AirlineFinancials.com 2/9/13

“A merger of US Airways and American has the potential to produce a more dynamic airline and, in turn, a stronger airport, and a stronger region. That is something everyone in the region deserves and could really support.”

Rina Cutler Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Utilities, Philadelphia 7/13/12

“The overlap between these carriers is underwhelming. In none of the top 25 markets does this merger change market share materially. And in smaller US Airways markets, the additional on-line access to the AA system would tend to be consumer-positive.”

AA/US Top US Market Share Capture Report Boyd Group International 1/14/13

“We see the combination as the best option for the two airlines to be successful and for Tulsa to be successful."

John Hewitt Chairman of Maintenance, Transport Workers Union Local 514 in Tulsa 2/9/13

“There is a lot of concern about losing a corporate headquarters here, and there will be some jobs that will move, but I don’t think the impact on Phoenix job-wise is going to be that big of a deal.”

Robert Mittelstaedt Dean of The W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University 2/8/13

“A merger between American and US Airways, the dominant airline at Philadelphia International Airport, would create a company that is wonderfully well-positioned in a complicated industry that has been forced to consolidate.”

Linda Loyd Staff Writer, The Philadelphia Inquirer 8/3/12

“There is a lot of concern about losing a corporate headquarters here, and there will be some jobs that will move, but I don’t think the impact on Phoenix job-wise is going to be that big of a deal.”

Robert Mittelstaedt Dean of The W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University 2/8/13

“An expanded AA-US would be able to add more connections between cities, thus increasing its utility and appeal to travelers — and increasing competition and consumer choice.”

Henry Harteveldt Co-Founder, Atmosphere Research Group 8/9/12

“A deal here could work to the advantage of consumers. Keep in mind that on a stand-alone basis, American and especially US Airways lack the scale to excel. A combination would create a powerful competitor to United and Delta for domestic as well as international routes. The new company would provide a counterweight to other huge global airlines such as Lufthansa and Air France. It would be better positioned to compete for emerging-market routes as well. Don't count it out.”

Chicago Tribune Editorial 4/30/12

"The only way that either US Airways individually or American are going to be able to compete long term against United and Delta is to merge."

Robert Herbst Analyst, AirlineFinancials.com 1/28/13

"Taking structural costs and inefficiencies out of the system is what excites people about consolidation. Large carriers can weather the storm so much better than small carriers."

John Thomas Head of Global Aviation Practice at L.E.K. Consulting 2/11/13

“The merger solves US Airways' international-network problem and creates a better combined entity. We are positive on the potential for additional capacity rationalization.”

James Corridore A Standard & Poor's Equity Analyst 2/11/13

"In our view, we have held that an eventual merger between American and US Airways was in the best long-term interest of both carriers."

Jeff Kaufman An Analyst at Birmingham, Ala.-based Sterne Agee 2/12/13

“We believe an AMR-LCC merger would enable the combined companies to provide a broader footprint with fewer aircraft. Adding connections from LCC’s Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. hubs would create market leadership (more destinations with greater frequency) in a majority of markets East of the Mississippi, in our view.”

Glenn Engel Analyst, Bank of America Merrill Lynch 4/20/12

“My bet is that it does happen. And this puts just more stability into the picture. You don't have -- you've got the proper capacity to match the demand. You don't have people pricing for cash, or unnecessary capacity in markets that can't sustain it just because of competitive reasons. So I think three big competitors are plenty to keep prices in line.  But it also gives some employment stability and profitability, sustainability for investors.”

Gordon Bethune Former Chairman and CEO of Continental Airlines 12/24/12

“More passengers would likely connect through Dallas/Fort-Worth Airport, headed to other domestic destinations or across the oceans to international cities [as a result of a combined American Airlines-US Airways]. A beefed-up presence in New York would attract business travelers to its larger domestic network. East Coast passengers would have their pick of hubs up and down the seaboard, from Miami to Charlotte, N.C., to Washington, D.C., to New York. Most importantly, analysts say, the new American would compete better with the two top dogs, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines.”

Andrea Ahles Reporter, Fort Worth Star Telegram 1/27/13

"It would be a mistake to naturally assume fares are going to go up just because they merge.”

Vaughn Cordle Partner and Airline Analyst, Ionosphere Capital LLC 2/13/13

“[The American-US Airways combination] will result in four healthy airlines with the right level of capacity.  Four big players is a very successful environment."

John Thomas Head of Global Aviation Practice, L.E.K. Consulting 2/7/13

“It's the right merger at the right time. It should just be the last among major carriers.”

USA TODAY Editorial Board 2/12/13

“I think this opportunity for US Airways to merge [with American Airlines] will enable the airline to become stronger and to maintain a presence in Arizona…For Valley travelers, they will have even more opportunities than they have now. If you merge American Airlines’ Latin American [presence] with one of US Airways’ biggest hubs, then you might see more routes to [that region]. Instead of flying from here to Miami for example, we might start to see direct flights, and ultimately see an increase in the amount of destinations from Phoenix.”

Robert Mittelstaedt Dean of The W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University 1/10/13

“AMR's stakeholders are becoming universally convinced that a merger presents the best chance today and in the future for the resulting carrier to compete with any reasonable success against Delta and United-Continental as well as global behemoths emerging overseas.”

Vicki Bryan Analyst, Gimme Credit 8/31/12

"We think that an AA/US merger will be positive for the US airline industry. We also think the implications of a merger are positive for global airlines, particularly those in the oneworld alliance."

Michael Linenberg Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Securities 5/28/12

"They'll have some great hubs, that will make the airline extremely appealing to both business and leisure travelers, and it will pose a credible challenge to airlines like JetBlue, United and Delta."

Henry Harteveldt Travel Industry Analyst, Hudson Crossing 2/13/12