Feeling Guilty After Swinging

Posted on 18 March 2011

Jealousy is not something that swingers are immune to. Just like anyone else, the thought of having sexual relations with anyone other than their partner can create problems around jealousy. There are ways to deal with this in a healthy manner and not give up the swinging lifestyle. Here’s how you should start to deal with any feelings of jealousy that may come up before they get out of hand.

Confront Them

If you start to feel guilty after a swinger meet, you should explore the reason. If your partner is aware of your activity then you can talk openly about the guilt. Most often the guilt is a form of jealousy. You may feel badly because you had a good time, or the sex was different than it is with your partner. If you can talk to your partner about the guilt, they may be able to help dissuade it. You may also need to set up new rules or go over the existing ones. It may be fixed by simply restructuring the rules. If your partner doesn’t know about the activities, then you should stop if you have feelings of guilt.

Not for Everyone

Swinging is not an activity that everyone can pull off. You have to be very open with your partner, be able to communicate, and be able to confront the feelings as they happen. If you feel guilt after the first few times you swing, this isn’t abnormal. However, if the feelings continue after several tries, it may not be a lifestyle that is suited for you. There are ways you can still participate in swinging activities without this being an issue. For instance, if you decide to just swing with your partner and allow others to watch or watch others you can still experience swinging in full force without the issues of guilt or jealousy coming up.

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